Pinched, Framed and Purple Matsumoto

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I’m sure you’re starting to think this is becoming a floral blog with all these weekly posts about the fresh flowers I bring home.  I swear to you I have not lost my mind… but I have certainly lost my ability to walk, bend over, stand for too long, sit for too long, or even feel my left foot.  So all I can really do is stare at flowers all day.  Which has been a comforting part of my otherwise painful week. (month, … I mean 6 weeks)


I’m not a bitcher or complainer but I’m telling you I’ve never experience anything like this in my life.  My guess – a pinched nerve in my back.  HELLO SCIATICA!!!!!  Can you say PAIN!  I told my mom on the phone when she called to check on me… “you can get on my nerves, but please don’t pinch them”.  EVER! EVER!  Did I mention EVER!  So although I have some home projects to finish up and share I simply can’t get to them right now.  What little walking I’m able to do is at a 90 degree angle.  It’s sad.  So sad.  My grandma was right — getting old ain’t for wussies!


This week I grabbed some Alstomeria, Oriental Lilies, and these beautiful purple Matsumotos.  I have made a mental note to grab these any time I see them.  They are so pretty in person.  And the deep purple color was just what the doctor ordered; hopefully also some serious muscle relaxers and maybe a few trips to a physical therapist!  We’ll find out on Monday.


I wish I could say they smell good…. but along with my back inflammation my nose has decided to get in on all this evil torture.   The may smell like heaven but I’d never know.  So I think I’ll take my pathetic, whiny self back to the ice pack and hot pad and hope that I can return to life as usual very soon.  Being injured or sick is just a waste of freakin’ time.  Don’t you agree?

But there is one thing I can share before I get back to the sofa.  And it’s something I had nothing to do with, so that’s good.  Richie took some time recently to frame a couple pieces of art that we’ve been storing.  I miss some of my favorite pieces due to no frames, and no finished spaces to put them.  As we move along, however, more and more walls are begging for love.

It’s always great to have a guy who loves to build custom frames.  They look so good.


The piece below was painted on the back of a piece of paneling so I’m so happy to finally have it framed.  The edges were starting to get bent and chipped and it’s one of my favorites in the house.  Richie bought this for $2.00 about 8 years ago.  It was the only painting at an estate sale he went to and it stuck out like a sore thumb.  Further proof it needed to be in a more suitable home.  A frame makes all the difference.


The other piece was actually done by a close friend of ours (John Fulbright) who does these wonderful pieces on old scrap wood.  He takes metal objects he’s found and burns the wood around it.  The results are fantastic.  How about those shelve brackets for legs!


We have two more pieces by John and they’re hanging in the atrium.  He’s a professional photographer by day but creates all kinds of art.  Here’s another one made from found objects.

Atrium Art Atrium Art

We love art and nothing makes them shine like a beautiful frame.

Now if only I could get my “frame” back and in an upright position I’ll be doing much better.
Even though house projects are on “back order” (giggle), I do have some stories to tell.  And an overabundance of puns to use! Coming soon is a requested story about how we went from COUNTRY to MODERN!  Yes, complete with hideous pictures.  See you soon.

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12 thoughts on “Pinched, Framed and Purple Matsumoto

  1. Dana@Mid2Mod

    So sorry you have been feeling bad. I know how it feels to deal with back pain, and it’s no fun. I hope you get better soon! Your flowers are beautiful this week, and your newly framed art is amazing! I love what your friend does too! I can’t wait to see photos of you doing country. I went from country to what I called “New Orleans-inspired” to modern, but I think most of the photos of those homes have been relegated to the attic.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks, Dana! I’m hoping the doctor can provide some relief because from what I’ve heard pinched nerves can take a while to heal. It’s been terrible.
      I thought I had lost all the photos of our country decor when we moved and was pretty upset about it. Richie found them while cleaning out closets over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’ll be fun to share and laugh! I guess we all have a story to tell about our transition. I’d love to hear yours sometime!

  2. sherree

    I am sorry you are not feeling well :-( Hopefully all of those pretty flowers are helping with your healing.
    I am looking forward to seeing your country to modern transition!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Oh, so sweet! Thanks Sherree. So happy you’ve been visiting! The flowers always help no matter what’s ailing me. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when they’re staring at you. :-)
      I look forward to embarrassing myself with those old photos. It was a quick decision and we went for it. They’re all on film… not digital, so it takes a while to scan them all.
      Glad you’ll be around to laugh!

  3. D'Arcy H

    Ouch, Stacey, reading your post made me hurt! I have had back problems off and on all my life, so I KNOW and FEEL your pain! I hope you get better fast–take it easy!

    Especially lovely flowers this week. And I, too, am curious about the country/modern transition. Our next house (a few years from now) will be much more modern–and I wonder what I’ll do with all my heirloom old stuff.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks D’Arcy. Honestly that is so comforting when someone truly knows how miserable you are. I’m not sure Richie totally gets it. Every five minutes he asks me “what’s wrong” Why are you so crabby?
      Uhhhh, HELLO, didn’t I just tell you. HA HA! Isn’t me walking around like a hunchback a pretty obvious answer? Men! God love ’em. So thank you. I feel real empathy for people with chronic back issues.

      Yep, we were a little bit country… and a little bit rock n roll. And now we’re more like “modern rock” (laughing). Sorry that totally dates me. DONNY AND MARIE! It will be fun and embarrassing.
      YOUR NEXT HOUSE! Are you already contemplating a move? I can’t imagine leaving with all that hard work you guys have done. But we always say “our next house” in conversations and then look at each other like “WHAT THE HELL”. NEXT HOUSE? Oh NO! (but you never know). xo

  4. Karen Lewis

    Ouch! ! ! My honey has a bad back from a car accident in the 70’s and when he forgets to take his meds, he gets grumpy.

    I don’t know how in the world you are even typing this but as you were describing yourself in your predicament, all I could envision was you bent over at 90 degrees with your laptop velcroed to your thighs. I know its not funny and it hurts but I couldn’t help it.
    I do hope you get better soon, because as time goes on, you’ll be wanting to do more and the frustration will begin to set in because you can’t.
    Once again, so happy you are sharing your art with us.

  5. Diane

    Oh my goodness gracious I hope your physical therapy is able to give you some relief. Being uncomfortable really does put a cramp in your style! And 3 cheers for Richie! A gorgeously framed painting. And I always start to laugh when you casually mention how y’all make these great finds in the most unsuspecting places. Take care Stacey, hope you feel better very soon!

  6. the home tome

    ohhhh….back and leg pain is no fun :( – you are a rockstar to push yourself through some flower arranging! Hope you feel better and get some answers. Looking fwd to the post about your Transition…

  7. ScrapAndSalvage

    YIKES!! so sorry you’re in so much pain! pinched nerves are a TOTAL waste of time. hope you’re feeling better already.
    well done on the picture framing creations! i love the simplicity so that the frames don’t take away from the art. and i’ve always loved those art pieces by john fulbright. very cool.
    happy new week, stacey. hope you’re healthy and strong!

  8. cindy

    Feel better soon- I’ve had some back troubles but never sciatica (I feel for you, I understand it’s dreadful).
    Country to modern? …. interest is piqued!


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