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It’s always so surprising to get the news that your house is shown in a publication…not to mention the magazine Texas Architect. I was so pleased to receive two copies from the Editor yesterday and was even more pleased to look through this beautiful magazine. I think I MUST subscribe. We have always followed Austin’s Lake/Flato Archtiects and LOVE seeing their work at Shangri La Gardens in Orange. The September/October issue features them along with many others for their award-winning designs. AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!

Our interest in Art and Architecture has allowed us to meet the most creative and wonderful people. Thanks to Steve Fox for his interest in Beaumont Modern. It was such a pleasure to have him in our home and I hope he’ll visit again as we make more progress.

The article talks about one of the tours taken through Beaumont Modern Homes. There have been three tours of our house since we moved in.

…. “The meticulous restoration of many of these houses attests to the pride their owners (primarily artists and art collectors) take in these examples of spatially inventive, precisely crafted modern design”

Download the .pdf for reading by clicking the image above

….. “The Beaumont tour forcefully made the point that cutting-edge modern design was not the exclusive providence of big city architects in Texas during the post-war ear but was broadly distribued throughout the state.” – Steven Fox

You can preview a digital sample of this issue by clicking HERE!

images from texasarchitects.org


The front cover and magazine contents

The beautiful mural by Robert Madden is almost always featured in these photos. It’s hard to miss when you come into the house (but who would want to miss it!). It brings us so much joy EVERY DAY! I’ll definitely do a post on all of Robert’s work. We happily own several pieces. More on that later…

Thanks Robert and Bonnie!
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