Hi, I’m Stacey! My husband and I are renovating our home together but he leaves the blogging to me.
Glad you’re here.  Have a question, idea, or just want to share something.  Don’t be shy… go for it!


It is so unfortunate that the internet has been taken over by spammers and thieves.  I find it disgusting.  So it is with such regret that I have had to remove my online contact form and change the contact process.

If you are trying to sell me something, looking for a guest posting opportunity, or think I need to lose weight and have the perfect diet for me, then you probably need to leave this site.  It’s not personal, I just don’t have time for it.  This is MY SPACE and I welcome anyone who has a genuine interest  in what I present here… but it’s strictly an online journal of our home renovation and a place for me to be creative.   This is not a business, nor is it a way for you to market yours.

So, with all that unpleasant stuff out of the way… I do LOVE hearing from REAL people who have comments, stories, questions, or other things to share.  If you would like to leave a general comment, please do so below.  If you want to speak to me via email then you must leave a request below and I’ll get back to you privately.  I know, I know, that sucks…. but it’s a temporary solution to an on-going problem. ( Your email address is never made public! ) I’ll get back to you immediately.

Thanks again for your understanding and for visiting my personal little space on the web.  I appreciate everyone who has been supportive over the years!


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39 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Stan

    I own a midcentury house at 125 E Caldwood in Beaumont. How would I determine who the original architect was? I do know that it was owed by a Dr Esslinger and renovated in the seventies by an architect named Livesay.

    1. Stacey Post author

      I would ask older neighbors if they know anything about the house. You can also go to the courthouse and get building permits for the year it was built which may tell you who the architect was. I believe this house was built in the early 60’s so they should have it all on file. You may have to give them lot numbers instead of the actual address. You can also try the Tyrrell Historical Society/Library. Wallace B. & Tom B. Livesay built the old JCPenney building downtown in the last 50’s as well as Ogden Elementary so they definitely did some work that should be documented. Good Luck!

  2. Tiffany Stozicki

    I just read your post from March 2012 about the painting you have from Emil Bisttram. He was a cousin of mine and I just wanted to say how happy I am that you “rescued” this beautiful work of art and learned more about Emil. It’s so nice to read about your appreciation for his art. Thanks for the post!

    1. Stacey Post author

      So nice of you to send me a message! Yes, we love his work and have since learned so much about him. Come to find out some local museums also have of his art. We recently found another painting of his and I’ll be posting about it in the next week or so. We keep finding them so I have to assume the art Gods want us to have his work. It’s beautiful! Thank you again for stopping by.

  3. Sarah

    Hi Stacey!

    I’m new to your blog and came upon it as I’ve been googling exterior wood stains. My husband and I are in the process of doing touch ups on all the exterior trim and back deck and we’re really drawn to Cabot’s solid stain in Foothill and Dark Gray. However, we’re terrible at making “final” design decisions and not being able to get samples in these colors has put our decision at a standstill.

    I love the gray Cabot stain you’ve used around your home’s exterior and am wondering if you could share the color? I haven’t seen the actual color name listed anywhere and would love to know as it looks to be quite close to what we want for our trim. If you did list it somewhere and I’ve overlooked it, sorry! I’m still perusing all of your posts. You’ve got a great sense of humor and wonderful ideas – thank you for the inspiration and chuckles!

    – a first-time homeowner in NY trying to DIY our new house into our dream home.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Sarah! So happy you found us.

      I absolutely LOVE the cabot stains. I wish I had known about them while living in our previous home.
      YES, the gray we are using is FOOTHILL. It covers so well and I can honestly say that the sections of the exterior we painted three years ago is still looking as good as the parts we’re painting today. I’m amazed! We live in hell to be quite frank. It’s hot, humid, and did I mention HOT! The exterior of homes here take a real beating. It has held up so well.
      We are also using it on some of the fencing that surrounds the courtyards. Lowe’s can’t keep enough of it in stock for me!! (giggle)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I don’t think you can go wrong with either color. Good luck with your home and please stop by again (or send pictures of your home) – I Love seeing what other homeowners are doing to make their homes beautiful!


  4. Allison M.

    Hi Stacey, I’m an art consultant in the MD/DC area. I’m designing my home office, and I’ve been looking and looking for just the right desk chair. I found your post about your Eames chair in the Messenger Satsuma fabric. Love it! Are you still liking the chair and the fabric? Is it holding up well? I’ve read a few reviews online of this desk chair, and some people say they wish it had more cushioning. Do you find it comfortable? For my office, I’m going for a contemporary / warm look, with white built in cabinets, white walls, hard wood floors, salon style art, and colorful rugs and couch with pillows. The desk chair would be a great pop of color against all of the white and the hard wood. Allison

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Allison! Thank you so much for looking… and asking.
      I have to say that I’ve wanted this chair for so long that I can’t imagine saying anything negative. But to answer your questions I DO LOVE THIS CHAIR! It’s beautiful. It really is a work of art in my opinion. I do love the fabric and although I haven’t had it long I feel confident that it will hold up really well. I believe the messenger fabric has something like 200,000 double rubs.

      As for comfort I find it to be very comfortable but to be honest I spend WAY TOO MUCH time in front of a computer so there are days when I feel like I could use a little more cushion but that’s usually when I realized that I haven’t moved from the chair for 3 or 4 hours. EEEEK! I really am drawn to very taut, clean, modern design. This chair is definitely taut so I can understand why some might wish for more cushioning. I guess it would all depend on how long you sit in your chair. I’m enjoying the tilt feature and the wheels and movement are so smooth. I love it! A great chair is such an important part of your home office. Sounds like your space is going to be GORGEOUS! Good luck with finding one that makes you happy.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Mallory! Thank you so much! This just made my day.
      It’s so much fun to meet people who are dropping by and checking in on us. Wonderful to meet you! And even nicer that you shared our space with your readers.
      I’m feeling quite spoiled this week and to be honest not so alone in this endeavor. Thanks for saying hello and letting me know. Nice learning of other Texas bloggers, too!


  5. Yadira O

    Hello Stacey, I just found your blog through Apartment Therapy -The Hommies
    I am also in the process of remodeling my MCM house, it has been a year and we still have a long way to go, anyways in one of the areas of the house we removed the carpet and stained the concrete floors (DIY project) however the finish of the floors are not why I expected, I want dark shiny floor and mine are just dark and that’s why I wanted to ask you what products do you use to finish your floors or if you hired someone to do the job. Thank you so much for your time, any suggestion would be appreciated. Have a happy day.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hello Yadira! Thanks so much for your email. Congrats on your house and all the fun, crazy stuff that comes with remodeling a mid-century home. It’s a labor of love, for sure!
      If you stained the concrete you need to make sure and seal it. You can buy a concrete sealer that is matte, or very shiny. Some of our floors I used a VERY shiny sealer and others I used a matte finish then topped it was a shiny wax coat. Either way works fine. But if you want that shiny you have to do one or the other. The mop on floor waxes are easy to use but have to be touched up here and there over time. There are so many different products for this. Some you can buy online and are REALLY expensive and others you can get at the local Home Depot or your home improvement store. Some people prefer water based products and others want oil based. The advantage to water based is it’s good for interior projects because you won’t have all those harsh chemicals and the smell, etc. Oil based can be pretty nasty but it has more solids in it so it’s stronger and lasts longer. We used a water base concrete sealer. Just be sure to let it cure at least 30 days or more before you start really moving around a lot on it. Not to say you can walk on it but dragging a vacuum across it or furniture, etc can leave scratches if you don’t let it cure properly. Again, it’s all about preference. But yes, to get shiny… a “gloss” sealer or a “gloss” top coat with wax over flat sealer. Either way, you need to seal the concrete.
      Hope this helps. Good luck with it all and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Fred

    Hello Stacey! I was browsing around the web trying to decide if I should buy the Case Study planter when I came across your site. It looked so great in your home that the debate was officially over! But I couldn’t stop there, not with all the amazing plants and pots you have! Though one in particular has been driving me crazy. I’ve been trying to find something like the small white cylinder pot on your kitchen island but nada. Do you happen to remember where you got it? Thanks for your time and your lovely website!


    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for the comments and questions! I love the case study planter. It looks good everywhere you put it! GET ONE! Honestly that little white cylinder pot is a cheapie I found at my local Michael’s Craft Store. This was several years ago, though. They always stock containers for flower arrangements and usually have seasonal decorative items. I picked up several of those in different shapes and sizes at the the time. Good luck finding something similar. I have a thing for simple white pots/containers. Thanks so much for visiting!

      1. Fred

        Hi Stacey,
        I had to tell you that I finally found a little white cylinder pot! I flew home to visit family on the east coast a few weeks ago and happened to come across it in an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. While my mom was looking at dishes in the kitchen aisle, my gaze became fixed on this picture of a white ceramic cylinder. I looked at the box and it said “Dip Chiller”. Three months, three dollars and three thousand miles later I finally have my white cylinder pot! I put a zebra cactus in it, named it Ollie, and couldn’t be happier. Haha

        Of course, I had to tease my girlfriend who was back home, telling her I was bringing back a dip chiller. Her confusion and concern brought me great joy, but she was pleasantly surprised when I got home.

        Also, you were right about the case study planter. Love it! Thanks again for the advice!


  7. George Criminale

    I’m an architecture student at Auburn University and I have been following your blog. I actually came by your house two summers ago, my mom is good friends with Lori. At the time I was just starting the program and did not know much at all about furniture. Since then I have become addicted to furniture, esp Eames. So discovering your blog was a pleasant surprise . I think what yall have done to the house is nothing short of amazing.

    I actually have a question about your PK55 dining table and how you acquired it. I know you posted that you made an offer you thought they would never accept but they did. I have come to the point that I would do anything for an eames lounge chair and was thinking about making an offer to Wright NOW but Im on a student budget. But I was wondering specifically what percentage of the asking price did you offer? I know that is a personal financial question and if you don’t want to answer I understand. I really just want to gauge if it is even worth making an offer.

    George Criminale

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi George! Of course I remember you. You’re practically family! HA HA!

      Hope things are going well at school. Richie loved the fact that you were attending Auburn. I think he secretly wishes he was too!! And it’s no surprise that you have the furniture bug. It happens pretty fast once you start learning about all these wonderful modern designs/designers.

      Oh my goodness I’m an open book here… ask away. The table I believe was listed for $4,000. I ended up offering the auction house $2,800 for it. Then I learned what the shipping cost was going to be. HOLY SHIT! It was a little over $500 to ship it from Chicago to Beaumont. So I went back and asked them to please help
      me by taking $2,300 which would leave me the $500 I needed for shipping. That way I wouldn’t go over my $2,800 budget. They were totally cool with that and very easy to deal with.

      It NEVER hurts to just ask and get into a dialog with them. Trust me, they want to move these pieces so I’m sure they’d consider any reasonable offer. Another thing to remember is that
      even though it seems like a LOT of money to spend on one piece of furniture it truly is an investment. These pieces only go UP in value not down. Not to mention the construction on a piece like that is superior and it will last you your life time. I try to remember that as I’m gasping for air at the prices of some of this stuff but then I remember that they pieces are classics. They’re timeless.
      I’ll have them forever. It’s worth it.

      And for the record. The Eames LCM was the first (new) piece we ever bought. I paid $525 for that chair and I’ve never regretted it. Just take your time getting what you want piece by piece. You’ll be so proud to own them!

      Glad you enjoyed seeing the house. It’s been lots of fun but we’re ready to wrap it up and start enjoying it instead of working all the time. If you guys get back this way, be sure to stop by and see us!

      Take Care, George and let me know if you get the chair. HOW EXCITING!


      1. George Criminale


        Thank you for the information regarding Wrights auction. I read your post on Jens Risom and you said to send you an email if we ever found a deal on those side chairs. Well goodwill has a site for online auctions. I just saw they had 6 of those side chairs

        The only downfall is they are in Denver, CO. However, currently they are about ten dollars each so I guess depending on how badly you want one it might be worth figuring out how to pick it up locally. The auction ends on the 9th. Based on how low some of the stuff on that site sells for I am assuming not to many people know about it so please dont tell many people about this source because I would hate for it to become known among people looking for vintage furniture. Actually you might could delete this comment.

        I recently acquired my first piece, an upholstered eames armchair shell with an x-base. I am very excited about it.


  8. Linda

    Hello Stacey! I am so excited to have found your website, it’s fabulous!
    I love your sense of style and your sense of humor, I must say.
    My house is a mid-century in Southern California, I love it, lots of floor to ceiling windows and even though it’s only 1k sq ft it feels spacious.
    I also have the Artimede Mega floor lamp in my living room, and reading lamps on our night tables. Your closet doors are so nice, love the mural, all your furnishings, really. I’m currently w/ o closet doors – for years, I’ll search your sight for more info on where & how re: your sliding doors, Ive decided upon sliding doors.
    Thanks for sharing . I hope inquiries are welcome.
    Please feel free to email directly. Linda

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Linda!
      I’m SOOOOOO sorry for not replying to your wonderful comments as soon as I wanted. Life is so insane for me right now and I’ve totally been neglecting the blog. That’s something I always said I’d never do and here I am going months without posting. SHAME ON ME!

      Thank you so much for commenting and it’s so nice to meet someone else working to get their modern dream house. It’s been so much fun for us. I hope you’re enjoying it.
      Sounds like we have a lot of the same taste. My Artemide Mega is the BEST! I swear I would have one in every room if I could afford it. HA!

      The sliding doors were actually an estate sale find about 10 years ago and I paid $5.00 for each of them. They’re actually shoji screens but I re-papered and refinished the wood and my husband cut them down to size to fit the space. I’m amazed at how perfect they fit.

      Okay.. I have more of your comments to answer…. Thanks again!

      1. Linda

        NO shame on you! Hey Stacey, your life sounds very busy so no worries. Where does the energy come from… You must be young!
        I read you had back surgery, wow, it sounded successful for you.
        I know all to well about back issues I have a slight herniated disc and it has/ does infringe on my activities. It’s the typical L 4&5 discs.
        If I may ask, what caused your injury?
        I wish you an excellent recovery!
        P.S. Thanks for the company info on the solar shades I’ll check into that company if they’re in California too. ;)

  9. Linda

    Stacey, what’s your opinion on paint finishes, for a modern house should a higher sheen be used versus a flat paint finish?
    Curious as I’m about to reprint my house, AGAIN! Ugh!
    Originally I painted the master bedroom in Benjamin Moore “white dove” – flat,
    It appears drab, no life. Plan on going with “simply white” for a fresher/ cleaner look. Debating either egg shell, or next level up on the finish? Linda

    1. Stacey Post author


      I assume you’re talking about interior? I love the look of flat paint but it’s not very practical. I used flat in the guest bedroom and it looks AMAZING but it’s hard to clean.
      Most of the house is painted with satin so at least you can wipe it down and remove dirt, dust, and any stains. Egg shell would be fine too. It’s somewhere between satin and semi-glass so it does give you a nice sheen. I find it’s much easier to maintain something with a bit of a sheen. Especially with white.. the light will sort of bounce of something with a sheen where the flat just sort of absorbs it. I used flat when I painted a room (almost black) just so it helped to hide the imperfections. Flat paint is great for that!

      1. Linda

        Yes Stacy interior is right.
        Need to keep the advantage of flat paint in mind cause my living room walls are seen on an angle and unfortunately quite uneven.
        Suppose we should of had them float / skim coated to level them out.

        It’s funny, in reading your message to me on the closet doors I already knew the story since I happily read so much of your very thorough and informative blog… Great job, really! ☺️

  10. Lynda

    Hey Stace…
    Two things….I can’t find the page that talked about your surgery, so just wanted to say I hope you are recouped and feeling much better. Second, when you first started the house you mentioned how you removed the cane…or bamboo or whatever it was, and put in the crepe myrtles I think. My question is how DID you get rid of the stuff? I am trying to help my sister in her back yard, which is being taken over by the neighbors cane. I know salt helps….but any other suggestions.?

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Lynda!

      Sorry for the late reply. My life has been insane with recovery, new job, and house projects. I have to remember to breathe sometimes. I have totally neglected the blog but I’m hoping to get back to it soon. We’re about to rip out the 2nd bathroom and it’ll be the first project that I’m not doing myself and hiring someone. I’m afraid my DIY days are over after this back injury. Well… at least the big projects, anyway.

      We did remove all the bamboo. Richie cut it all down to the ground and then we had a stump grinder come in and grind all the roots and the rest of the plant under the ground. It really is one of the best (maybe only) ways to truly get rid of all of it. We haven’t had any of it come back. It was worth the $200 I paid the guy to do it. That stuff was totally out of control and I knew that I couldn’t keep up with it.

      Hope you’re doing well! I need to come to the Depot and hopefully see you!

  11. Linda

    Hi Stacey,
    PLEASE respond soon! I hope so.
    I’m debating on purchasing a florence knoll credenza much like yourself.
    Please, please share where & how to apply finger pulls?
    If I may ask, how much did you pay? Yours came nicely finished.
    The credenza I’m contemplating is in poor shape & must be refinished, the locks are included but I’m questioning the appearance/ distraction across from the sofa as it’ll be a main piece in living room. Any thoughts, suggestions?

    1. Stacey Post author


      Again, I’m so sorry for not being prompt with my responses. I’m a blog loser lately. Hopefully I can get it together in the next few weeks and get back to posting. We’re about to gut our 2nd bathroom so they’ll be plenty of stuff to post about. I’m excited to get the project going.

      As for the credenza.. we have a hanging knoll credenza in the dining room and then we found one at an auction that had locks that we were going to refinish but then ended up selling it.
      I thought I might take the locks out and insert silver finger pulls or something like that in the remaining holes. I paid $125 for the one at auction.
      The one in the dining room was in REALLY rough shape and I bought it out of a bank that was being renovated downtown. Actually there were two of them and I traded the guy who was working for the bank to sell all the items, some mid-century modern chairs. (he was a lover and collector). So I actually paid nothing for them.
      I then found a lady locally that refinishes furniture and she did a kick-ass job repairing all the veneer, patching holes in the back and then adding a top coat to the piece. It looks practically new now. I paid her $600 total to refinish both credenzas and then we sold the other one. We do a lot of trading with people. It usually works out good.

      I think if it’s a decent price you shouldn’t pass it up. They’re wonderful to have and I don’t think you’ll regret it. I wish I had room for the one we bought at auction (of course I had a hard time come to grips with the fact that I couldn’t keep it) But a friend now owns it and I’m happy he has a nice piece in his home.

      Let me know if you get it. Sounds like it would be fabulous in your modern home.

      1. Linda

        Thanks so much for all your responses Stacey!
        Hey, your a real wizard when it comes to wheeling & dealing, I’m so impressed! Well, here’s the update on what I’m leaning towards related to the florence knoll credenza.
        After hearing what you paid for the knoll credenza… Nothing except
        $600. to refinish TWO, the one I’m considering would cost $1,500. Plus $450.00 to refinish it & local delivery. Quite a lot more $$ and it’s in bad shape but very fixable, he told me. I swear I saw a photo of yours depicting the finger pulls used to fill the lock holes, I had assumed you kept it. That was a great idea, good fix!
        Well, in searching online I’ve seen florence credenzas w/ a single roll out shelf…. That’s what I really want. My neighbors have that style and I love it, it’s perfect for an iPod Dock… Simply roll it out.
        I always seem to want an important detail that throws a glitch into the mix. I prefer local face to face business deals, not an internet shopper sight unseen kinda shopper plus I have a peeve against damned
        Shipping charges. YOU got a deal of the CENTURY on that dining table that’s awesome! Never quite sure on pricing & I’m not an assertive negotiator either. I too love the metal legs & want them w/ a roll out
        Shelf with the wide drawer front edge. Some might suggest, as the dealer did, just install glides on one of the shelves. Nope! It’s not the same… It’ll look wimpy whereas the original wide front appears substantial. Yikes, how much can I go on & on, on

      2. Linda

        Ouch! Good grief…Only $125 at auction?!!
        I finally bought one & it’s beautiful, yikes, we paid $2,600 total.
        I knew it was high but compared to 1st Dibs website ours was a good deal and less costly, however, compared to yours NOT so much.
        Oh well, I love it! Linda

  12. BB

    Do you have any measurement or rough sketches of the king sized bed frame? The platform is straightforward. Great looking bed!

  13. Lynda

    Okay, so it seems you have disappeared since your surgery. Just checking to be sure you recouped, all is fine, and things are “business as usual”. I see your sweet hubby zip through the hardware store on occasion….but no sign of you! :) I am going to see your Angel doctor in Oct.! Pray for me! :)

  14. Donata

    I just wanted to say great job on your remodel. This is the first blog I have found that seems “genuine” in that you are not just “showcasing” your home, two hard working people that have managed a remodel on a home to make it their own and have done a lot of the work themselves. I am so encouraged and inspired. I don’t know if you are still “blogging” but just wanted to thank you for taking time and sharing your journey. I have a house built 1954 and literally EVERYTHING needs updating. My house is 0ver 3000 square feet so it is an overwhelming, daunting project. Being a designer I could see the potential when we bought. My husband is a builder but it is kind of like the cobbler who doesn’t have a good pair of shoes! I also moved from a farmhouse and ten acres to a mid century home. I am a collector of “old things” but when I moved I actually had to have an auction as so much of my “treasures” were more “vintage cottage” In general, if you have any “suggestions” on saving costs on materials I would welcome your input. For instance “floors” I would of loved to have found concrete under my upstairs flooring but they are all plywood. We had to replace the dining area floor and we choose bamboo, I am trying to decide if I should do the entire upstairs all bamboo as I would like to be consistent throughout, yet I have one bedroom that I re carpeted in natural sisal. I should have given more thought to this before replacing dining area. Any suggestions as to what you might think about for affordable floors? I have read some recent comments and it sounds like you are “recuperating” from back surgery. I am ironically on a leave of absence for chronic back illness so I have lots of time and little money but I am a hard worker and very creative in my “decorative” skills as I have always had to “make do” but am not as confident in working out all of the “big decisions” as to materials ect for this house. Any input from you would be appreciate. I hope you are doing well recovering from surgery ect. Thank you for your time. Donata

  15. Linda

    Hello I love your website!
    A only have a quick question, or two, or three, or…
    I like the linens on the master bedroom bed, where did you purchase them?
    It appears to be a coverlet and a throw on the bed, and simple throw pillows.
    I’m always searching for new sources. Thanks! Linda

  16. Patricia Bishop

    Hello Stacey,
    I am a Research Volunteer with the Kirkland Museum of Decorative and Fine Art in Denver, CO. We are expanding biographical information on artists in our collection. One of the artists is Rex Goode. I know he was in California and I’ve found information he and John Follis worked with Max Lawrence in the 50s. Rex Goode is credited with doing the “Pig Planter”. Do you know if the Rex Goode who built your home is, indeed, the Rex Goode I am looking for or related to Rex Goode, the mid-century modern designer?

    Thank you for any information you can provide to assist me in this effort.

    Patricia Bishop
    Research Volunteer
    Kirkland Museum of Decorative and Fine Art
    Denver CO

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Patricia,

      Yes, I know who you are talking about but unfortunately it’s just a coincidence. The architect that designed and built our home was David Rex Goode and although he create beautiful art and pottery, he never worked with Follis. I’ve looked for more information, over the last few years, about Rex Goode (the one you’re speaking of) because we love architectural pottery and I was never able to find that much about him. I hope you have better luck.

      Thanks for asking. Wish I had better news. But it is a weird and cool coincidence, isn’t it?


      All the best,


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