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Have you ever run across a design trend that just knocks you over and you don’t know why? Then it just sticks with you no matter how much you resist being “trendy” and you can’t let go? It has definitely happened to me and I’ve been fighting it for over a year now. I decided to just give in and get over it…. and apparently that is SO MUCH MORE FUN!

I’m talking about this whole design cross trend. Or maybe it’s called Swiss Army or Swiss, or Red Cross or what I like to call design cross. Lets face it, we’ve all seen this symbol and I’m sure something immediately comes to your mind when you see it. The Red Cross, the Swiss Flag, Swiss Army watches, First Aid, … maybe all those things. I just think it looks cool because it’s very graphic and somewhat industrial. It’s simple and it says so much.
Here’s a sampling of how the design cross is being used in today’s interior designs. I totally dig it!

+ bag, blanket, faucet, jewelry, wall +

Of course now that I’ve “gotten over myself” I could end up with crosses all over the house! I may need FIRST + AID before it’s all over.  Lets ease in with a pillow.  Hummmm, that’ll work!

I had some left over linen because I usually keep it around to make home decor.  It’s so soft and I love the texture.  It works for everything.  I also always have felt in many colors, especially black, so this was one of those easy projects that took less than 30 minutes.  (the kind I like.. quick and easy).  I used photoshop to just draw out a perfect little cross then used the paper like a pattern to cut the felt.

The pillow form I had was 16×16 so I cut 2 squares from linen and then pinned the black cross to the center of one square and carefully sewed closed to the edges.  I actually love to sew and use to sew all my clothes, especially skirts and dresses.  Before the internet tall people were just shit out of luck.  I can’t thank my mom enough for forcing me to take home economics in high school. “Oh how dorky… I don’t want to do that”.  I also didn’t want to play the flute, tap dance or play tennis, but I ended up making my clothes, was first chair in the band through school and went to state finals in tennis.  THANK YOU MOM!  (okay, that was off topic.  moving on…..)

Here’s the front and back of the panel after I finished sewing.  I then put the front sides together and stitched a 5/8″ seam around leaving a small opening for the insert.  I usually like to use zippers but didn’t want to fight the BLACK Friday shoppers at the fabric store.  It’s seriously insane.  Richie voted NO on piping around the edges – so this project went FAST!

I recently saw a pillow with this design cross on Jonathan Adler’s website selling for $98.00.  WTF!  Okay, it’s probably really nice, but this one cost me $14 and it was way fun.  Now Richie wants me to do some REALLY big pillows for in front of the TV.  He has his own design ideas about that.

The big problem for me is when I do something like this I end up loving it and don’t know where to put it.  Guest bedroom or living room?  See… I will need FIRST AID.

I do have a few more pillow projects in the works.  You can see the fabric I’m using next on my INSTAGRAM PAGE here on the site.  It’s the orange and gray mod stuff.  I’m thinking a button in the middle and some piping on the edges.
SO that was FUN… and I may have to make a cross necklace or some dishtowels or some place mats, or just paint a big cross on the fence in the front yard. Now that would get my neighbors talking. Or I may get a few ambulances pulling up in the driveway. Hey, I know CPR!

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I only have 3 weeks left of work and then I’m off until the new year. OMG, MORE CROSSES!

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26 thoughts on “+ Design Cross +

  1. ScrapAndSalvage

    1. hi. i just saw your two newish instagram pics of yourself. you’re a stunning beaut!!!!!
    2. i am totally uncool and was not aware of this cross trend. so thank you for keeping me in the loop and therefore cool (see what your blog does?!)
    3. you can sew?! oh that we were neighbors!! i’d have so many great dress ideas for you to do..for me :D and you make it look so easy! great pillow.
    4. love your cross of photos (nice touch).
    5. congrats on almost being done with work!! push through, lady, you’re almost there! then we get to read even mooooore posts from you. I LOVE IT. xo

    1. Stacey Post author

      BLAHHHH… stunning my ass. I mean, uhhhh, thank you, Tamara… you’re making me blush. I only take them so Richie can miss me when I’m gone. (LAUGHING!!!!)
      Okay, because you were not aware of this trend makes you ten times cooler than you already were. It means that you have way more important things in your life. So now who’s the COOL girl? YOU!!!

      Wouldn’t I love to be your neighbor! OMG, the fun we would have and yes, I could sew us up matching dresses and we’d wear them with our favorite color tights! We’d be so fabulous in our home made clothes running around town thrift shopping and making button necklaces. When shall I move in? I need to leave anyway so Richie can look at those pictures and miss me. :-)

      I’m so ready to be home, Tamara. I love being off work. I save vacation days and then add them to our regular xmas vacation days given to us by the state and I get about a month off. It’s freggin’ fan-tastic! I turn into suzie homemaker with a twist. Richie is off too so we laugh our asses off for weeks. It’s our favorite part of the holidays.
      Thanks T… I’m getting excited about it already. It will give me time to pack my sewing supplies!

  2. the home tome

    Yes! Very bold, esp with the black n white – looks great in both locations – I like how it plays with the arrows in your bedroom…

    Am so jealous that you can sew, and have a sewing machine – I also took home-ec and was rockin’ some cute homemade PJs w/ mice on them back in 7th grade, but alas, it seems to me now that threading a sewing machine would be rocket science…

    98 v. 14: am digging that differential. BRAVO :)

    1. Stacey Post author

      Be BOLD! I say. I love the black and white thing. I may have been Scandinavian in another life. That whole design style always sucks me in.
      When I sat down to sew this I actually had to think for a while because I couldn’t remember how to thread the darn thing. It had been several months since I last used it and my aging brain was quite confused. So yes, it sort of did feel like rocket science … but it ended up being a “blast”. I’m hoping to use it more in the next few months. You should definitely try again. Baby clothes are SO MUCH FUN to make. :-)

  3. Dana@Mid2Mod

    Love the new pillow! You did a great job. My mother taught me to sew when I was 9 years old, and I’m very glad she did. I made my own clothes and clothes for my daughter for years.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks Dana! I think it’s a skill every girl should learn. Even my husband can sew. When a button falls off he scoops it up and goes to work. He likes to run my machine at full speed on zig-zag. He’s a weirdo! I loved having time to sew clothes but that eventually turned into home decor. Once I figured out where I could get “tall girl” stuff I kind of let that go. It’s a very rewarding skill in so many ways. I bet your girls had beautiful clothes!!!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Yes Rebecca… I’m going to whip up some more and sell them for $99.95. Are you in? HA HA HA HAHA! I can hardly believe the price of pillows these days. Seems ridiculous.. which only makes this that much more fun for me. Thanks for looking. I enjoyed the pillow talk. :-)

  4. Meghan@RatnamResidence

    Love the pillow! I have been looking for a patch design for my coat (there is a hole from setting it on a heater years ago) and couldn’t think of something good… until now. I’m gonna do a cross patch! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Stacey Post author

      What a freakin’ brilliant idea, Meghan! Oh no, now you have my head spinning with elbow and knee patches galore. HA HA! The pillow was a fun way to enjoy the trend in my own home without having to spend a lot. It’s a “pop” pillow for sure. But I like that. Thanks for looking and for the great idea!

  5. cindy

    Excellent! I can relate to avoid the things that are really trendy but some of it is so great you have to give in. Love the pillow- a perfect, more temporary way to participate in a trend.
    I’m envious, I wish I could sew well but I do dabble. Pillow covers are something that I love to do- straight lines are pretty manageable. I love the satisfaction of creating my own and saving some dinero.
    I vote for the pillow on the bed- that photo is amazing. The dark wall contrasts the art so nicely and the lovely collection of pillows on the bed- very nice!

    1. Stacey Post author

      High-Five, Cindy! I have no idea why being “trendy” is something I’m usually so against…. but I am. I caved. I admit it. But it was fun!
      You’re right though about the saving money and creating your own version. It’s far more rewarding and when you get tired of it you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars so it’s cool to pass it on to someone else or rip it up and change it. Glad to know you enjoy sewing too. I’d like to think that I have some sort of skill but when I really think about it… the machine is doing all the work and it makes me look good. (laughing!) I’m actually considering reupholstery my Eames sofa this spring/summer. A project I’m trying to wrap my head around. We’ll see!!!
      Thanks… I think I like it in the bedroom too. Good call!

  6. Victoria Elizabeth

    Looks like holiday presents to me—pillows for everyone! Felt was smart… no hemming/frayed edges.

    My sewing skills are limited to basic stuff, and for years, I’ve been saying that I REALLY need to sit down with my mom and watch her follow a pattern. On the other hand, when you can sew? People ASK you to sew stuff for them. I can’t tell you the number of neighbors who have asked my mom to fix their kid’s cheerleading skirt (hello! Pleats!!)/uniform/school play costume. If I ever learn, it will be a skill I keep to myself!

    P.S.- I love that dark wall in the bedroom. Whenever I see dark colors like that, I think they’re so striking… but then chicken out about actually applying it to my own home. It probably helps that you have a crazy amount of natural light, and kind of an open floor plan up around the ceiling area.

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving… this season is flying by faster than usual.

    1. Stacey Post author

      HA HA! That’s so great and really funny because one of my husband’s friends actually gave me a pillow for xmas one year. (okay, was that weird?) For some reason it seemed totally normal and I LOVED THAT PILLOW. PILLOWS FOR EVERYONE! I’ll get right on it.

      I think it’s a great thing to know how to do but you’re right about the requests. Once I reupholstered our couch and for years everyone was trying to get me to do theirs. Ahhh, HELL NO! I wouldn’t go through that torture for anyone but me. I’m always jealous of the sweet little ladies in the fabric store who are just sewing away and seem to NOT be in a “this better not take more than 15 minutes” rush (which is usually my frame of mind). So yes, learn very quietly and sew very late at night so nobody knows. (giggle)

      I struggled with that wall for MONTHS and then decided to go for it because I’m always telling OTHER people “oh it’s just paint.. you can always paint over it”. Yeah, Yeah. It was time to take my own advice and luckily I fell in love with it. Painting that wall is sort of like making a cross pillow. I wanted to paint a dark wall in every room and now I need crosses everywhere.

    1. Stacey Post author

      HOLY CRAP! My little heart just sped up to like warp speed. I am working on a post about quilts with a modern twist. I LOVE THAT! I had not seen that blog before so thank you SO much for the link. Another reason to love blogging and meeting like-minded people. Thank you, Michelle!

      As for the sewing… I do love it but don’t have the time or space for the things I’d really like to get in to. One day I’ll have a really nice sewing nook where I can just sit down and dig in. Right now it’s a pain to get it all out. The whole quilting thing really interests me and I keep saying “some day”. I do think that Libra desire for creative and beautiful things makes life fabulous and a pain in the ass. Not enough time or talents to do everything I want… but I’m trying, girl! LLLLLLOVE that you sew too. I’m sure you do beautiful work!!! Have you posted anything? Thanks again!

  7. Alex @ northstory

    I laughed reading this for 2 reasons. Exhibit A) My trunks pinterest page has not one but 2 trunks with a red cross on it which are by far my favourite of the bunch. B) I have a pillowcase I just bought to do a ribbon Christmas stencil on and then I saw this and thought Ok that’s a way better idea. Though I am going to send it to you to sew b/c there is now way I can remotely sew a straight line yet. Love that pillow.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Alex! Okay, I LOVE the trunks you pinned… so you totally get this. What is it about this simple little cross? Maybe it’s the whole industrial feel or that feeling of “help is near”. HA HA HA – I could always use some help. That would be so cool using ribbons. Someone else suggested using the little cross as a patch on their clothes. Also a cool idea.
      Don’t give me that crap; you can sew a straight line. With all the great stuff you make, sewing should be a breeze for you. Thread that needle and lets see some Alex magic!!

  8. Danielle

    How have I totally missed this trend?! I love it!! The pillow came out so cute and what a great way to incorporate a style that you can easily update later when something new comes along.

    Jonathan Adler is amazing, but seriously $98?! I went to order a pillow yesterday with a state appliquéd onto the front for a Christmas gift and was discouraged to discover that the $40 pillow that I was going to buy didn’t include an insert… which was another $20. Who wants to spend even $60 on something that your kids are going to pillow fight with and your dogs are going to drool on?! I think you’ve just inspired me to create my own.

    So I LOOOOVE the modern fabric that you put on Instagram. Can you share where you got it? Enquiring minds want to know…

    1. Stacey Post author

      It’s a silly trend Danielle… besides you’re too busy creating works of fabric art. (JEALOUS!)

      You kill me lady… that is so true about the drool and the pillow fights, cat hair, and a even a husband that tends to fold pillows in half and then again making me clench my jaw with anxiety.
      Why spend $60 – $100 on THAT torture. I’d rather have a nice pair of leather boots (how about you?) Now there’s something to drool over! :-)

      Besides you’re way too talented and creative. I bet you could come up with an awesome state applique and do it Danielle style. Totally DO IT!
      The fabric came from JoAnns. It’s the only real fabric store we have in town. Lately I’ve been finding really cute/mod designs there. I’m a sucker for cute fabric but then it just sits there because I can’t figure out what to do with it. (sigh). Thanks for looking. It’s good to have a sewing buddy I can go to when I screw things up. xo

  9. CT

    Yay! I love pillows. Especially the home made ones (I’m suprised sometimes that’s not the only kind, given what the stores charge.) Love it. Bring on the pillow party! Cheers – CT

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks CT! I think it’s insane that stores charge so much for a little fabric and filling. I guess it’s those “designer” labels that make people BELIEVE it should cost so much. But we know the truth, don’t we!
      Homemade is better any day!! Thanks for coming to the pillow party. Unfortunately there will be more pillow posts… just bare with me. What can I say, I like the “FLUFF”!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks, Kim! I had no idea you had a dusty sewing machine just waiting to be revved up! You definitely should. It’s been a while since I made anything so this was really fun. Simple too. Glad you like it and thanks so much for stopping by. I just had a FIT over that air plant Cadell found for you. BEAUTIFUL! That picture just made my day!


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