Little Prick!

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I would love to say that I’ve been so busy with all these fantastic projects that I haven’t had time to post anything … but the real truth is so BORING!  With much hesitation I decided to just go with boring and at least feel good about what’s real around here.  I’ve been PRICKED!

A few weeks ago while out re-potting and planting in the back yard I decided to give one of my cactus a new pot, as he was growing so well that he deserved more room.  I put my gardening gloves on to get to work and while transferring the little PRICK.. he decided to GET ME!  Maybe he wasn’t happy about the move… or maybe he’s been waiting for a chance to show me what he’s made of.   I was careless and feeling very super hero-ish and one of those thorns went straight through my glove and into the side of my thumb.  Hey, it happens… you pull back, curse a little and move on never to think of it again.

EXCEPT…. turns out those thorns can really “F” you up!  Three weeks later and I’m still suffering!
I ended up having to go to the doctor because thanks to the damn internet scaring the shit out of me with things like “joint  damage”, “long term disability”, “infection”, “surgery required” and last but not least “GET TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY”.  What?  For a thorn?  Yep!   Come on … check out that big thorn below in the middle of this cactus.  You know he’s quite proud of that big one!  GOOD LORD IT HURT!

So to rule out infection… I’m currently on a strong antibiotic.. which seems to be doing NOTHING!  I’m one of those people who hates taking medicine unless you can prove to me that I actually NEED it.
There’s nothing worse to me than when a doctor says… “oh, lets put you on THIS ..just in case”.
Ummmmm, LETS NOT!  If you’ve ever read one of those informational pamphlets or listen to disclaimers on drug commercials it makes you NEVER want to take ANYTHING!  Okay, okay, I’m being a baby… I’m taking my medicine… 5 days after I’m told.  I SHOWED HER!  (laughing)

As you can see below… it’s swollen (right thumb joint) and I can barely move it.  The joint is crazy stiff and I have no strength in it at all.  This is definitely putting a damper on my projects list and since I have more time to do nothing… the list is growing!

Okay, I didn’t mean to turn this into a medical post, or to whine, bitch or complain… but the more I thought about it the more it felt right to just say “hey, this sucks!”.  I also thought what if its happened to someone else and they have advice for me.  (hummmm, a great reason to post about it!) I sometimes forget that it’s a blog about ANYTHING that happens at this house… not just the pretty stuff. Ha Ha!  So thanks for listening…. I’m sure you’ve all dealt with a prick of your own at some point in time.  Turns out even a rose bush can do this.  Roses?  No, they’re too pretty.  But they CAN! So be careful in your yard/garden.

Last thing to share today is some of the intelligent conversation Richie and I had over this little happening.  Sometimes an eye roll is appropriate… followed by a burst of laughter.  He’s a ding dong!

Me:  “I think I need to see a doctor about this. It says on the internet that it can be serious”.

Him: “Don’t you think you’re over-reacting… it’s just a thorn”.

Me: “No really, it can screw up your joints and cause permanent damage… and if there’s still a piece of a thorn in there they have to “cut” it out”!

Him: “Well, damn, maybe we shouldn’t have cactus around here… sounds like they’re dangerous”.

Me: “Are you serious?… it’s my fault.  I need to be more careful around them”.

Him: “Well, why don’t we just buy a bag full of cobras and let them out in the yard and “just be careful around them”

Me: (EYE ROLL… burst of laughter!!!! )

I couldn’t stop laughing… I guess you had to be there.  I kept envisioning cobras and cactus after me.
I even had a crazy dream about it.  He’s a mess.

So, nothing more to report around here except a little Prick and a whole lotta NOTHING going on.  Fingers crossed (not thumbs) that I can get back to normal soon.  It’s amazing how something so small can screw you up!

Thanks for letting me vent.  I promise to be back soon… I owe Alex a post about my couch.  Which seems appropriate since I’ve been doing nothing but laying on it!


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19 thoughts on “Little Prick!

  1. Victoria Elizabeth

    Oh. No. You. Didn’t.
    When I saw your new-post update in my email, I burst out laughing. I was pretty sure it was some kind of injury, and not actually a blogging departure into scandalous essays… but it still cracked me up.

    Goes to show, gardening can be dangerous and is only for the daring. Maybe that cactus felt like you were evicting him… Plants are pretty good at defending themselves. You might even be sensitive to some kind of irritant on the thorns? Even something as ordinary as the Zinnia or other cutting flowers will give me a rash if I spend too much time with my arms shoved in their leaves.

    Any time you look on the Internet to see what’s wrong with you, it becomes apparent you’ve received a death warrant. Glad you will survive!!

    Are you tempted by the new iPhone? I’m not eligible for a new upgrade either… but I’m tempted anyway. I installed the new OS, but so far am only irritated they’ve changed how I access my podcasts.

    1. Stacey Post author

      HA HA! That’s so funny! OH YES I DID! As soon as I wrote it my brain went into overdrive on all the ways I could have fun with that. I tried to control myself.
      Apparently gardening can be dangerous… and I’m having to find out the hard way. The doctor said it’s not ONLY the thorn but whatever bacteria from the yard (cat poop, lizards, etc.) that ends up on the glove that could have been passed through the wound. When I think about it too much it makes me think… HOW are any of us still alive? HA HA! I’ll definitely be more cautious in the future.

      Oh goodness, the internet is HORRIBLE if you have some type of ailment. I usually resist the temptation because you are so right… DEATH is the only outcome. It’s not pretty. I only looked it up after 10 days of “not getting better”. I just had to get a clue.

      I watched a little video on the new OS this morning and I’m going to upgrade tonight. Since I just got my 4S I’ll have to wait a while for a new phone. But I do love my iPhone!!!! Thanks for the laugh too! Always great hearing from you.

  2. Alex @ northofseven

    WOOHOO! saucy couch here I come. Ok really now a Cactus can cause that much injury? I think we need to convert you back to mushrooms. Are they out of season down there yet? Our vegetation is pretty much on it’s screw you, you won’t get the last batch of green tomatoes from your garden no matter how much you try, bring out the Halloween decor already mode.

    I just read Victoria’s comment. iphone? What’s this about iPhones? I just got my first one. A mere iPhone 4. It’s like learning how to read all over again. My child can operate this better than me. I can’t believe the thing doesn’t have an official ‘back’ button on the screen.

    1. Stacey Post author

      I know Alex… I’m just living in a dream world, tossing around cactus acting like nothing can happen. HA HA! I don’t advise EVER getting stuck by one. NOT FUN! As far as the mushrooms… well, funny you should mention it because I have tons of them in my front and back yard right now. The ground is really moist and the weather has been really cool (for Texas). They’re popping up everywhere. They’re probably the kind that will kill me if I touch them so I’m staying far away. (JOKING!)

      YAY! You got your iPhone. Fun, isn’t it? Yep, I keep wanting to go back instead of go home. My brain thinks like a desktop computer. It’s the new operating system. Since you have a 4 you can definitely upgrade.
      It’s just a few new fancy features.

      Yes, Halloween! I’m sure it’s so much fun with kids. I’m always amazed at how big the holiday gets EVERY year. Hope to see some pictures of all your spooky decor!

  3. the home tome

    OH NO! That cactus is beautiful but vicious!

    I can’t say I’ve ever been stabbed in cold blood by a cactus like this, so I have no specific advice but I will say that I am the queen of little injuries that turn out to be somewhat serious. Case in point: I cut my index finger right on one of the joints on the tooth of a tiger….I mean with a sharp pair of scissors, got stitches. But bc it was on the joint it basically had to go into traction for a few weeks, and I lost the use of it – it became stiff as an (ironing) board and wouldn’t bend anymore – I had to go to index finger therapy! (Insert photo of finger dressed up like Jane Fonda, ready to do her exercises.) It was weirdly painful and super annoying. Point is, do what it takes to get better – our hands come in so handy (sorry) and it sounds like meds are the the right course of action in this case (though I generally resist them as well.)

    Feel better!

    Excellent post title btw, ha ha ha! :)

    1. Stacey Post author

      Oh MY GOSH! I’m so glad you told me about your injury!!! It must be a “joint” thing because my thumb feels EXACTLY as you described. Some mornings I can’t bend it at all. Maybe after my meds I can get out my old Jane Fonda workouts and get my therapy going. (of course I have her tapes!!!) HA HA HAHA! Stiff as an ironing board! LOVE THAT! It has kept me from ironing in the mornings… I’ve been wrinkly, Jocelyn. (gasp!)

      You nailed it… weirdly painful and super annoying. Thank you for that. I don’t feel like such a whiney cry baby now. Okay, note: be careful around cactus, cobras and tigers. CHECK!

      Oh the fun and inappropriate behavior I resisted after typing that title. I came up with some really good stuff too. It was HARD to resist.
      Thanks, I already feel better cuz of you!

  4. Dana@Mid2Mod

    OMG…I had no idea that a cactus could do that much damage. I hope you start feeling much better soon!

    I could regale you with some stories about my personal experience with a prick or two, but at my age, they’ve been out of the picture so long they’re only a faint memory, and they didn’t do me any lasting harm. ;)

    1. Stacey Post author

      Neither did I, Dana. I guess I should stick with sweet little air plants and stay out of trouble! ha ha.
      LOVE THAT RESPONSE! I always fell for the pricks.. but like you I never let them cause me much long term pain. Ahhh, to be young! No thank you. (laughing)
      Thanks Dana. With all you’ve got going on you always take time to visit and say some great and funny stuff. So fun!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks Brittney! I think when the swelling goes down I deserve a trip to New Orleans!! Sounds good, don’t you think? Ha! Ha! Thanks for visiting and letting me complain.

  5. ScrapAndSalvage

    dammit! even my email isn’t letting me know you blogged!!! i just sauntered over here thinking, dang she hasn’t written i like forever, did something happen?! and, well, i guess it did (though i’m several days late for it).
    that looks and sounds painful!!! i would never want to be stuck by one of them pricks. glad you’re getting a little better, albeit 3 weeks sounds like an awfully long recovery time! maybe richie’s cobra analogy isn’t so far off after all…. ;)
    happy for your pseudo return.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Girl! I’m sorry. This is just about as painful to me as that damn cactus PRICK! I hate that… but I’m SO HAPPY to hear from you. I’m still stiff and sore and swollen.. but the antibiotic seems to have helped. It’s nowhere near as painful as if was so there must have been some sort of infection. We’ll see how the next few weeks go. STAY CLEAR OF THORNS! This is why airplants are the best choice for me! HA HA!
      Okay, here’s the latest…
      Wordpress FINALLY fixed the reader. I was able to add my blog name in to my wp reader and my posts did show up. So maybe delete any trace of me and try again. It’s working for me. And if you want I can add you to the email list or you can subscribe if you’d rather get emails. Either way… as long as I hear from you once in a while I would be one happy BLOBBER! Working on one for tomorrow or Wednesday… so be on the lookout in your reader. Thanks again, Tamara. Love it when you visit!

  6. Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods

    AHHH! I am dying! Your convo with your hubby is killing me! It sounds like something I would say. Too funny! On a serious note….totally hope you get better soon love! Getting hurt sucks but I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only one that ends up searching the lovely internet for medical answers and then thinking I have some crazy rare illness that will lead to death or dismemberment. haha!

  7. Pippa

    I have suffered from cactus revenge too, 6 little hairpin needles into my macramé hand! Took weeks for them to resurface, then a couple more weeks for the finger to not look slightly swollen! Best to wait it out and don’t listen to nonsense cobra’s indeed! :)

  8. Drew

    Can you tell me the final outcome? I just had the same thing happen (cactus got me in the thumb) and your photo looks exactly like my right thumb compared to left.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Drew! That was a crazy happening. I ended up going to the doctor and they put me on a round of antibiotics. Within a couple weeks it was pretty much back to normal with a little bit of stiffness for a while.
      It healed fine, though. I, however, now have a very healthy respect for cacti! HA! Hope yours heals up quickly.

  9. Monica Campbell

    I was pricked by a cactus 3 wks ago when I grabbed it as it fell!!! The base of my thumb swelled up and there is a reddish yellowish area where the spine entered. 2 other fingers are experiencing pain though they are not swollen. I decided to seek “advice” (tongue in cheek) from the internet and am so relieved to have come across your blog. I feel much better because of it but feel I should check with my Doctor anyway because of the look of my thumb, it almost seems that a tip might have broken off, or is it natural to have that little discoloured, hard bump?

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Monica,

      It’s so painful and it scared me when it lasted so long. You should definitely check with your doctor. After I took the antibiotic things just slowly got better.
      If you break a piece off in the skin it can definitely cause issues. I think those little thorns can be sort of poisonous. Well… maybe that’s not the right word but they
      can cause problems if it’s not removed. Good Luck!


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