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Living in this house is such a joy but I sometimes take for granted what a wonderful collection of many things modern that have flowed in and out of our lives and homes. We buy, sell and trade, we make our lists and often find what’s on them, we reupholster and refinish, we sometimes spend the night on strangers porches to be the first in line at estate sales…. and with much luck and persistence we have a pretty wonderful collection that is not only beautiful but functions perfectly in our every day lives.

good design

We have collected Russel Wright dishes for many years and love his designs. We use them EVERY SINGLE DAY!  It was really great to read this week that his home was recently named to the 2012 World Monuments Watch.  Manitoga is the name Russel Wright gave to his home, studio and 75-acre sculpted landscape in Garrison, New York. His home now joins former Watch sites like Peru’s Machu Picchu, the Cultural Landscape of the Great Wall of China, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen in Wisconsin.

To help support Manitoga, go to

Here are a few pieces of our collection. Most of our collection is from the Iroquois line but we do have a few from American Modern ….

russel wright

We have some much of this I couldn’t possibly show it all so I just picked some stuff and went for it.  We use these dishes every single day and they have held up through much abuse.  We love them.  I remember when we first started collecting, those mugs seen below went for about $60-$90 each.  We now have four of them and treasure each one.
(Hell NO, I didn’t pay that much for them.  :-)… I know you were wondering.  HA!

russel wright

Yes, I even put plants in them and use them as vases.  They’re beautiful no matter what you do with them. Check out that butter dish. Times have changed so much… who really uses a butter dish anymore. How sad. I think I’ll go buy a stick!

russel wright

His spun aluminum pieces are magnificent, however, I do not own any. But it seems that even the Star Trek crew knew good design.

spun aluminum

and of course here are some wonderful pictures of his modern home “Manitoga”…. Yes, it should be on the “watch list” and they should “watch me move in”. HA HA! Amazing!


He among other designers have given us function and beauty. I definitely feel I should do more posts on the many designers, architects and artists that bring us such joy. Okay…. I THINK I WILL!

Be sure and watch the short video below, it’s wonderful. That toilet paper wall is what inspired the TP art in my dining room.

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6 thoughts on “Design: Russel Wright

  1. Leslie Kibodeaux Venable

    Love this post! I just love learning new things from bloggers. Your collection is beautiful, I love the colors and shapes…… I too have spent many an early morning stalking estate sales, in fact there is one in the morning in Port Arthur I am going to bed early for : ) and I go straight for the garage to dig through the hardware…… I usually skip the kitchen but since i know you collect Russel Wright I will be on the lookout for you!

    1. agoodehouse Post author

      Thanks Leslie! I was so happy to see that his beautiful house is being protected. Yes, keep your eyes open…. especially for those MUGS! :-) Let me know what kind of hardware you like and we’ll do the same. Although Richie just got on to me about using “his stuff” because “Stacey, that stuff isn’t around much anymore and it’s getting more and more scarce”. AHHH, scolded. He loves that hardware just like you. Good luck at the sale! Stacey

  2. cathydinkeloo

    What an impressive collection! But, of course you have an impressive collection if you’re camping out overnight for estate sales – there must be a payoff! It’s really beautiful, Stacey. And I really enjoyed the video on his home. This blogging stuff is way too fun!! Thanks for sharing!

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