Love Christmas – hate to decorate!

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The other night Richie and I got into this great conversation about Christmas’ past.  He had me rolling with laughter telling story after story.  It was the kind of laughter that makes your cheeks sore and your back hurt.  He’s great at making fun of me.  It’s the sweetest thing EVER!

He reminded me of our first Christmas together when we didn’t have a pot to piss in. NO MONEY for a christmas tree.  Are you kidding… we had to eat.  My dad wanted me to have a tree so he bought me a gift certificate to go pick one out at a local tree vendor.  I was so excited… but it was dark… and I wasn’t REALLY paying attention.  We get home and the damn thing was BEYOND crooked.  No matter what we did to try to straighten it in the stand it was just plain defective.  (poor little tree!)  Richie reminded me that I actually cried over it and he began to reenact  the whole night in all it’s crazy glory.  (we’re both howling with laughter at this point)  OH MY GOD… was I really that crazy!!!?? Crying over a stupid tree!!  But yes, Christmas had to be perfect and I agonized over it to the point of sickness.  I did this for several years until one year it occurred to both of us (okay, mostly me, he already knew) that it didn’t have to be that way.  It was time to change my way of thinking.

When we ditched our country decor and went all out with mid-century we ended up finding 3 of these fabulous aluminum Christmas trees in different sizes.  Things were going to be easy… simple… less stressful and I was determined to get beyond the craziness that Christmas had become.  A few aluminum branches… a color wheel… and some ornaments and we called it Christmas.  DONE!

And that’s how it’s been ever since.  We both LOVE the holidays, the time off, OTHER people’s decorations and the general beauty of the season… but we refuse to get all worked up about it.  This year is no exception.  Hello you gorgeous aluminum tree!  You’re not crooked, and you’re so shiny you don’t require much else.  You’re perfect!

I put it in the hallway (I know it seems weird) but there are no plugs along all the walls of windows so I needed to be close to an outlet.  It worked out well, though.  I can see it every time I walk down the hall.  It’s visible from either side of the house and from the front door.  I’m kinda diggin’ it there.

But that’s not all I did to celebrate the season.  I decided to have a little fun with my chalkboard doors.
I’m a doodler and nothing more… but it was fun!

Chalk Board Christmas

Out came the chalk and a tad bit of creativity.  The really great thing about decorating this way is when it’s all over it’s SO much easier to take down.  ERASE!!!!  Poof… Christmas is over.  (laughing)  It doesn’t get any lower maintenance than that.

Chalk Board Christmas

The colored chalk was extra fun.  It goes on so bright it almost looks like it’s “lit up”.  My hands were all shades of blue, green and purple.  (I’m like a 5 year old)

The truly funny part of all this is that when I was done with my “decorating” I stood back to marvel at my creation when I realized that the damn tree was CROOKED!  Ahhh, some things never change.  At least I’m consistent.  And no, I didn’t cry!!!

chalk board christmas

I normally don’t have a calendar on these doors but decided to draw one on because when Richie and I are off for so long we forgot what day it is.  I certainly don’t want to miss Christmas!  His birthday is the 21st and my brother’s the 23rd.  This will help keep me from being stupid and clueless.

chalk board christmas

So there you have it.  And yes, that’s it.  That’s all I do for Christmas.  No stress, no anxiety, no fretting, no crying, and most of all no drama.  Although I guess it sucks for Richie because that also means no crazy stories to retell.  But I’m sure he’ll figure something out.  He always does.

Today is my last day of work until the New Year.  I’m super thrilled to have so much time off and look forward to just doing whatever the hell I want.  Sleeping late, baking, exercising, making Christmas cards, visiting with friends and family and hopefully tackling one or two small house projects.  It’s my FAVORITE time of the year.  And no doubt Richie will have me laughing most of the way.

P.S.  Okay, I lied.  I did put lights on the outside of my house.  (see blog header!)  Those should be easy to take down.  (giggle)  :-)

Happy Holidays!☃



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27 thoughts on “Love Christmas – hate to decorate!

  1. ScrapAndSalvage

    so much to love about this post. i love christmas so much. everybody does something special!!! even blog headers. i love all the holiday graphics. and your aluminum tree!?!?!?!? i am dry heaving with jealousy. i am in love with those. they look so classy, festive and nostalgic. and those light aqua glass ornaments are perfect with it.

    you only doodle? i’ll show you doodle, little missy…and it ain’t that! i love your chalk art. totally adds to the ambiance. plus, that glass of wine looks so inviting just there :)

    enjoy the holidays and your days off, friend! here’s to joy and the unexpected. love to you and richie and kudos on your minimalist decorating skills. and here’s to many more memories with laughter.

    1. ScrapAndSalvage

      i just showed jordan. he said, “whoa! that chalkboard ART is dope! who did that?!” so, yeah, not doodling…

    2. Stacey Post author

      Hey Tamara! I just love it when you call me “missy”!!!! HA HA! I can almost hear your voice and see you face as you say it. HILARIOUS!!!!
      I have had you in my thoughts all week because I know you must be so excited for your trip. I’m sure it will be amazing.
      Thanks for all your kind words… we girls like to keep it simple, don’t we. Christmas roots and chalkboard trees… three cheers for the creative and unexpected!

      Tell Jordan thanks for me! You guys are the best. Wishing you lots of sparkle and fun, love and laughter this holiday. Thanks for always being here!!! xo

  2. cindy

    Love it! You definitely have to think differently in a mid-mod home- traditional christmas just wouldn’t be the same. The aluminum trees are great- works perfectly.
    And simply love your chalkboard art- I saw a scandinavian- style chalkboard christmas tree on a whole wall on pinterest and had to recreate in my kitchen this year. My chalkboard wall has a shelf, kitchen rack and stove against it, so I had to work around it. But I love it, too- floor to ceiling tree half concealed by the stove but still a large display.
    I just love your tree with the simple strand of coloured bulbs- I must do this next year. It’s fantastic- love that the light strand dangles down and is just in the process of being hung- cute!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Cindy, Cindy… a chalkboard sister! LOVE that you have one too. I WOULD LOVE to see a picture. Send me one if you can. I bet yours is so awesome. I love seeing how people use them in their kitchens.
      Don’t even get me started on how much I love scandinavian design. We may have had this conversation before but I am VERY “drawn” to it. (bad pun)
      I’ve seen the very trees you’re talking about – they’re beautiful! (sigh)

      The whole mid-century modern thing is sometimes really hard at times like these. So many traditional decorations (which I adore) just don’t seem to fit or make sense… so yes it’s challenging. I haven’t decided if that’s sad or if it gives me an excuse to do very little. (laughing) I’m happy you enjoyed my silliness. It was fun… and drawing on those doors always reminds me of when I was young and would create rooms in my drive way with sidewalk chalk. Complete with couches, chairs, and the kitchen sink. Damn, I’ve been renovating all my life! HA HA!

      Happy Holidays… and thank you for always saying hello. I enjoy your visits so much!

      1. cindy

        haha! Hi chalkboard sister. Unfortunately, we only have a craptastic camera. But I could still send a photo so you get the gist of it- a subpar photo will disguise my poor art skills (I’m the real doodler- no artist here)
        I do love the simplicity of your christmas decor but I, too, love some of the traditional stuff. I like mid-century & rustic nordic style- so in my not-so-charming, circa 1970 bungalow, I mix up the style (not very well) and gravitate to a rustic scandy (ok, just made that up so I didn’t have to type the whole word) xmas style- a fir branch in a jar, simple natural decorations with classic red & white, that kinda thing. But your house is like a work of art (I simply love it) so it doesn’t need much hoopla; just a happy nod to the season.
        It’s funny how the internet connects- miles and miles away and never met but I feel the same. It’s so fun when you reply to a comment I’ve made.
        btw- how do I attach a photo- can I do it in comments? Or through your contact email?

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Meghan! YES, I think your whole family would love having a chalkboard. You should totally find a space for one. My niece and nephew use to love to come over and draw on it when we first moved in. So I think Avery would totally dig it. It’s ever-changing art! Thanks for looking. Enjoy the holidays. It’s got to be so much fun with a little one in the house! :-)

  3. Victoria Elizabeth

    I needed to put that in all caps so you understood my delight with your attention to detail.

    Your silver trees and your chalkboard look gorgeous and festive. And admirably simple to pack up… I laughed at imagining Richie imitating you… I love when Paul gets going on reminiscing about something like that. It’s adorable and hysterical. (And he does a frighteningly good impression of me.)

    Enjoy your time off!!! Best feeling in the world… but it goes SO FAST! I never get half the stuff done that I planned to! Like, how did not even do ALL the laundry Why is the guest bedroom still a disaster? A mystery…

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks, Victoria! The header was fun and I knew it was the only way I would ever get lights on my house. HA HA!

      If you’re like me you probably love it when Paul imitates you. It makes me laugh so hard I could pee my pants. It also makes me realize how incredible insane I am sometimes and that he’s an angel for putting up with me. When things get too serious… Richie has the ability to turn it all around. Thank goodness we both ended up with men who could make us laugh at ourselves. They’re keepers!

      I’m sure my time off will zoom by but right now I’m beyond happy! Slept ’til 9:00 a.m. this morning. OMG!

  4. Alex @ northstory

    Your talent never ceases to amaze me. I can’t wait to see what would happen if you didn’t casually doodle or paint. Because if that’s doodling…amazing! I’ve already pinned it and should flag down the editors of AT to feature that.

    Love the header!

    And for the record, I cannot wait to read a post about the past life of Country Decor.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Alex you are too sweet! Thanks for the pin, lady! You have some amazing Christmas pins… I hardly feel worthy.

      Oh my goodness… I totally want to do a “country” post and have been searching for some of my old photo albums. I never really took many pictures but I’m sure I must have a few. I have a feeling they’re in a box hidden away somewhere. I’ll be on the look-out over the holidays and definitely show you my country side. It wasn’t all that bad. Just not all that good either. HA HA!
      Thanks Alex!

  5. the home tome

    Ahhhhh! Love your aluminum tree (so shiny) and your chalk tree (so creative) AND your seasonal header (you got you some technical savvy, girl.) I think it all looks divine and not OVER the top. It’s good to keep the so-called reigns on this thing – as soon as it’s not fun and too stressful (yes, often indicated by tears), time to re-evaluate.

    I like to do something home-made for my gifts (in the past it has been cards and/or punctuation themed ornaments) but turns out those projects get me in a little over my head…this year I just made my grandma’s scottish shortbread, bought a bunch of funky trinkets for people and called it a day…minimal stress.

    I have a holiday post on deck, but have been too busy writing xmas cards and eating pizzelles, to finish it, ha!

    1. Stacey Post author

      You are SOOO sweet to comment, Jocelyn. Thank you for looking. FOr some reason I imagined you chilled out on the sofa breathing deep at this point. As the day gets closer I’m sure you’re super anxious! I know I’m totally excited for you. So thanks for taking the time out for me.

      Over the years I have just learned that nothing in life is worth the stress, tears, and total exhaustion that Christmas or any over the top holiday or event can create. I’ve gotten very good, with the help of my wise husband, at letting things go and just being happy with the “less is more” attitude. In the end it’s true in so many ways.

      Handmade is always better to me. That’s so sweet that you go the extra mile like that for people you love. I for one appreciate it SOOO much. Please pass the pizzelles!!!

  6. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    For some reason, your chalk tree made me ridiculously happy. I love your decorations, both in your home and your header. I am hoping to find an aluminum tree in the trash, at a garage sale or thrift shop one day. I want one but prefer not to buy new.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Oh my goodness that is the nicest thing ever!! Who doesn’t want to be ridiculously happy… you just made me so!
      Thanks, Jessica.

      Well, I think those trees are getting more and more difficult to find and I totally understand not wanting to buy one when you see how much people are charging for them. We got so lucky. Two of them were given to us and the other one we bought for a few bucks. If we ever find another one for cheap I’ll buy it and let you know. They’re so bright and shiny you hardly need to decorate them. EASY!!

      Happy Holidays! Hope you’re enjoying your new dishwasher.

  7. Kelly R.

    I love your Christmas decorating! You don’t have to undertake 89 projects to create a festive scene in your home. The chalkboard art is brilliant. As much as I am a ‘decorator,’ I tend to fall back on tradition (I’m talking waaaay back when I was a kid in a family that didn’t have a pot to piss in) when it comes to the holidays – it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to do everything like my mom and grandma did. The tree, cookies, etc. I don’t like to make it fancy – I’m all about nostalgia (which means VERY basic!).

    1. Stacey Post author

      AMEN, Kelly! 89 projects is usually about the number I tend to WANT to take on but seriously… that’s totally ridiculous! I’m learning each year to just do a little and be happy a lot.
      Family traditions are the best and it’s really the little things and the memories that make this time of the year so delightful.
      Thanks for this. I’m with you all the way!

      P.S. Of course creating those cookies in your new kitchen will be even that more fab!

  8. Danielle

    You are so festive!! I’m continually on the search for one of those trees for Tyson’s studio… they are so pretty. And I’ve can’t even tell you how much I love the chalkboard “decor” that you did. I think it’s simple and lovely and not over-the-top. IT’S REAL!! You are speaking my language. :)

    But my favorite part of what you wrote is just the sweetness between you and Richie. There’s is something truly special to share life with a guy who gets your craziness and helps you laugh at it…. it’s a gift!

    Enjoy your time off together. It sounds like perfection!

    1. Stacey Post author

      We girls are keepin’ it real!! Another reason to totally love this online friendship! Thanks, Danielle.
      I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for aluminum trees and let you know. A little silver beauty would be so fine in Tyson’s studio.

      I do believe we both ended up with great guys. It’s so wonderful to have a husband who makes fun of you! BLAHHHHH…. every girls dream!
      Seriously, we do have fun and the time off brings us even closer. And at the same time makes us sick to death of each other. Ain’t love grand!

      You guys have fun too… being “unplugged” will be so freeing. I hope to still see a few peeks on instagram (maybe?) Either way it’s good. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  10. Jennifer

    The Christmas decor looks great. I like that it’s just a hint of Christmas spirit, not like other homes where it looks like the spirit threw up all over the place. Haha.

    Also I I love your shiny aluminum tree, and I love the chalkboard one just as much! I totally have chalkboard envy right now. I must find a place to paint one. John and I are doodlers too and we would love to have that extra canvas in the house!

    Enjoy your time off, and have a great holiday!

  11. Diane @ home sweet homemade

    hi Stacey. sending you merry Christmas greetings. Love your hand painted cards and your artful chalkboard illustrations. I think I lost your feed from my blog reader when the url changed. sorry :( thankfully the new url is simple to find. take care–Diane

    1. Stacey Post author

      HEY Diane! So nice to hear from you. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too! I’m so happy the world didn’t end today! (laughing)
      Once I moved my blog it took a couple weeks to clear me from their cache. If you want to delete what you have and type in
      the url again it will start the new feed again. It works…but it just took them a few weeks. Sorry about that.
      Hope you guys have a nice holiday. These few little cold spells here in Texas are definitely making it feel more like Christmas. Although I know the humidity is on it’s way back.
      Thanks again for the visit!

  12. Kristina Gulino

    That chalkboard wall is BOMB. We still love our 2-foot tree-in-a-box from Target. It’s not necessarily the most traditional option, but it’s really hilarious and a breeze to store. Maybe next year we’ll try the real thing ;)

    Happy New Year to you!

    Nook & Sea

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