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When something doesn’t go the way you planned… just put some hair-pin legs on it… and everything is alright! Nothing beats a nice pair of legs, right? Long, short, skinny, thick… metal, wood, or concrete…. there are so many kinds to love. Of course I’m talking about furniture and particularly the little tables we planned for our bed side.

These pretty legs arrived a week ago after I realized the little “box” tables that Richie built for our last platform bed would not work in our new master bedroom. The tables are suppose to hang and “float” on the wall but unfortunately there is not enough support in the wall behind it to hold them. Our last house had shiplap walls (solid wood) so you could hang ANYTHING, ANYWHERE…. it was fabulous. But I really wanted to use the “boxes”, as I love that you can put your books and magazines in the opening instead of on top of the table. We both enjoy reading in bed.

I got these beauties at and we ordered the raw steel so we could paint them the same color as the bed legs. They also come in stainless steel (more $$). We just screwed them into the bottom of each “box” and they are now the perfect, small, modern little side table. (no holes in the wall, no crying, no screaming, and no frustration. It was an easy and hip solution.  I don’t know about you but a set of these makes anything look better!

Here’s my side.

Each side got an aluminum letter that I have been saving for years. They came off a dentist’s office building that was going out of business. We collect all kinds of letters and numbers from old buildings, schools, and estate sales. I couldn’t wait to use these!  (update: The little metal thing is a gyroscope (spinning top) and you can see a video of it in action down in the “comments” section.)

Here’s Richie’s side.

It was great fun to be able to pull some of our little collectables from boxes and cabinets.  When you haven’t seen them for a while it’s great to put them in the room and remember.  I know, I know… we have weird stuff.  But we’re strange people!

So the little tables turned out nice and now there’s nothing left to talk about.  HA HA HA!  So when all else fails just show some pictures!  At least that’s what I’ve decided. So … here’s a look around the room and a sigh of relief that aside from some throw pillows and a new curtain track to install… I’m home.

Love Richie’s carved bird (Eames inspired).  The little clay pot I made for one of my tiny air plants.
You know me… a room isn’t a room at Stacey’s house without at least 3 or more plants!

This room is fun because there’s lots of vertical space to put stuff. Since the closet isn’t built into the wall it has a nice top to display things we love.  Of course the red arrow and Richie just found another monkey last week.  I swear there are a lot of monkeys around this house.  I think I have one in every room.

And a great picture of Richie!  We rarely if ever display personal photos in the house.  I don’t know… I guess I just don’t like it for some reason.  I love seeing other peoples pictures at their house but we just don’t do that.  I do, however, LOVE this of Richie.  When we were younger and he was always playing gigs with his band and we traveled a lot from one dive to the next I did take lots of photos.  This is one of him on stage TOTALLY in the moment… right in the middle of some guitar solo, no doubt.  HOT GUY!  So this one is perfect for our bedroom.  Who doesn’t want a hot guy in the bedroom.  (gasp!)

This little guy on his airplane is some sort of antique toy Richie found 2 weeks ago at a huge antique warehouse sale. He came home looking like he had just been rolling in the dirt.  Talk about a dedicated “picker”.  I found an old block of wood in his pile of crap, stuck a wire in it and bent it to hold the little guy.  He’s super cool, I think.

And a few more shots…
The Jens Risom chair made it’s way under the vanity area and my George Nelson bench now resides at the end of the bed.  The bench will be perfect for extra blankets, pillows, books, or putting your shoes on in the morning.  I love it there.

So I’m pretty pleased.  Happy to have the little side tables done and look forward to just getting creative with some handmade throw pillows.  My plan was to bring the color green into the room so I’ll be focusing most of the fabrics with a green theme.  I love green and black together… so we’ll see how it all goes.

Looking back at my inspiration board so many months ago I’d say I did pretty good at sticking to the plan.  Although lots of things changed, the room still feels just as I hoped it would.  Bright, clean, simple, and full of things we love.  We had to special order a mattress so it will be shipped to us in the next four weeks.  Good thing we’re patient.  Or at least we have learned to be!

master bedroom inspiration

Thanks for reading and welcome to the many new subscribers.  I appreciate you following along and please feel free to join in on the conversation.  I love chatting with visitors!

Richie and I have been taking a break and enjoying the FABULOUS weather here in Texas.  We’re talking 60’s and 70’s people.  Unheard of, really!  I’ve had my butt parked on the back patio in my butterfly chairs and it’s been heavenly.  Next up…  I guess the master bathroom.  I’m still trying to muster up the strength!  We’ll see.


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30 thoughts on “Nice Legs!

  1. Kelly R.

    I love how the bedside tables turned out! I think even better than had they been floating! The cool steel totally anchors and balances the warm wood. The letters are just awesome.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Kelly! Glad the email notices are working. YAY! Really happy to hear from you. I agree… the legs are great and sometimes things work out better than the original plan. I love it when that happens. At first I thought the letters might be a little juvenile.. but then I thought WHO CARES! I just love them and the fact that they are solid aluminum. Super lightweight and funky. It’s us.

  2. cindy

    Wow, love the tables…. and the whole room, really! It is beautifully put together and your oddities are wonderful. It’s what makes a home personal.
    Did you post on how Richie made the tables? I hope I didn’t miss that. I have some beautiful midcentury nightstands that, unfortunately, don’t fit since our bed is huge. Perhaps I could custom build a pair like yours to fit our space.
    Again, loving this space.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Cindy! Thanks so much for the comment. I agree… the weird little odds and ends make a home YOURS. Thanks.
      I have not done a post on those tables. Richie made them about 10 years or more ago. When he made our first platform bed those were built for it. I have to say that they were pretty easy to make (listen to me… I didn’t make them, how would I know! HA HA!)
      but seriously… he used solid wood but you could use plywood. He mitered the edges so they would fit together like a picture frame but you could easily just do them square. Small nails and wood glue to hold the sides together and really that’s it! A little box… perfect for whatever. What kind of night stands do you have? Do you have a king size bed, too? I’m looking forward to having a HUGE bed so the small-ish tables were perfect. I’m happy we found a way to use them.

      So nice of you to say “hello”. Is your home/style mid-century? Would love to see them if you do build. Let me know! Thanks for the visit, Cindy.

      1. cindy

        Hi Stacey,
        I will have to give the tables a try when I’m feeling brave. I know I can do them once I convince myself- sometimes getting started is the hardest part.
        I know very little about MCM, just that I love it. So, I’m not sure the make of my night stands. I know that they’re walnut & pecan, as that is stamped on the back. And they’re not mint cond. but I got a deal while thrifting and was thrilled.
        We did have a king-sized bed- loooved it! But down graded to queen- although the bed frame my Ritchie (funny, hubs name is same- different spelling) made is wide (contemporary design not mcm) and our master is narrow.
        I am still determining my style- caught between MCM and Scandanavian-rustic/ modern-rustic or nordic (I don’t even know what it’s called but the simplicity is appealing). I would definitely have mid-century style throughout if we had a mid-century home (not common in our area). However, with our current style home, I am working on a tasteful mix of modern contemporary, nordic and a few mcm pieces. It seems I have multiple personalities at play.

        1. Stacey Post author

          Thanks for the reply! Well I feel that way about lots of things… I know very little about classical music… but I know what I like when I hear it. MCM is the same way. I don’t know about everything but when I see something that hooks me… well, I’m caught. Very nice that you’re a “thrifter” too. I’m sure the tables are lovely. Also made me smile a big one knowing that both our husbands are Ritchies/Richies. I love stuff like that. He’s a Richard of course but nobody EVER calls him that.
          I’m so like you… my taste is all over the place. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scandinavian design. There’s so many blogs I lust over and always want to implement that “feel” along with all the other stuff I love. I think your multiple personalities sound fabulous and I’m sure they all get along beautifully! Have a great week and thanks again. So nice to chat with you.

  3. Dana@Mid2Mod

    The hairpin legs are perfect on the box tables. I agree that the bench will be great at the end of the bed. Just that single pillow looks good. All your little collectibles are wonderful, and I love the little pot you made for the air plant.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks Dana! The little tiny pot was fun. I used the self-drying clay and it was great. It dried really hard overnight. I spaced out and accidentally bought the terra cotta color so I had to paint this one… but I’m going to keep experimenting with the drying kind. My little “swing” is just too flexible and it keeps folding in on me… so I’ll try another one of those.
      That bench is one of my favorites in the house. I have a solid black one too but I like the wood in this room. I’m excited about how well it fits together. YAY for progress!
      Ummmm….. but lets talk about your house bird. I’m about to have a cow! (but I’d rather have a bird!).

  4. ScrapAndSalvage

    i just KNEW to check today! as i read (and viewed), i kept a mental note of everything to compliment on. well, there are so many that by the time i got to the end i plum forgot the first! so lets go by memory and see what struck me the most. i love that bench. but more than i love the bench i lthe ove creepy doll and the amish three legged peanut!!! those are awesome. and j is freaking out over the airplane. nicely displayed, too btw. i love your little clay white pot. you made that?! why am i not surprised. finally, the hair pinned legs (i love those legs!) turned out fabu!!!! such a nice accent with those reclaimed letters. as ALWAYS, well done. thanks for the heart-to-heart (i feel like we just shared a cuppa). love you as always!!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey woman! Glad you checked up on me. I know how much you appreciate the “creepy” stuff. ME TOO! I just burst out laughing… love the description of a three-legged peanut! That is actually an antique (some say “vintage” -ha!) sock darner. We have several in different sizes but this is my favorite. Of course when Richie looks at something he sees “art” and “sculpture” and figures… so he added legs to it so it could stand and be displayed. I like how it added the creep factor.

      The pin legs are fun. Seriously, such an easy way to solve that problem. Don’t you just love the internet. You can buy and find just about anything you need/want. You know how I feel about hairpin legs! Yes, the little white pot is just self-drying clay (can you say arts and crafts time?) Next thing you know I’ll be painting on rocks…. oh, yeah, I’ve already done that. I hope I don’t start gluing macaroni to shoe boxes. Please stop me if I do!!!! Although some hair buttons are definitely in order. I pin my hair up at some point everyday so I need to get busy on that idea! (so pretty)

      Thanks Tamara! Enjoyed the cuppa… and YOU!

  5. Alex @ northofseven

    Woohoo! It’s my favourite red arrow. I love that thing. I never find things like that. BTW – what is that awesome spinning atlas prop on the side tables? Love that! And the tables well suffice to say are perfect – next to the perfect bed. Is it wrong to tell you I miss you on my WP Reader? It’s ok. I got you on BlogLovin.

    1. Stacey Post author

      I love that you love that crazy arrow! Thanks, Alex. You just haven’t found one because you’ve been a mad party planner pulling off the impossible! You’ve just been busy. (ha haha ha!)
      I see a red arrow in your future.
      That little metal thing on the table is actually an old but cool metal gyroscope… basically a spinning top. You can see a video of it in action. Here.

      It’s the exact one we found. I just love the look of it. Very decorative and when I get bored or can’t sleep I alway have something to keep me busy. (kidding!)
      I’m sorry about the WP reader. The support team is trying to help me figure out why it won’t display my rss feed. My feeling is that it keeps looking for the files on the wordpress servers instead of my new server. They told me they’d be in touch when they figure it out… so I’ll let you know. You’re so sweet to still follow and thanks for bloglovin me!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hey Dana! So glad to hear from you. I appreciate that. We have fun collecting weird little things and I love being able to have them “out” so I can see them all. Such a sweet compliment. But knowing me… it will all look different in 6 months. HA HA! (hopefully not) or Richie might bring home something that I can’t resist displaying. He’s fun! Thanks again!

  6. Victoria Elizabeth

    I think the S and R stand for SIT, RELAX. Or possibly Sheetrock/Router…

    That space is so calming!! The white background makes the dark accents really stand out. Now that I think about it, that’s probably not accidental on your part… everything looks great. I actually think I like the tables better with the legs… Maybe I’m just old-fashioned and can’t imagine my furniture without. Ha ha. The best part of any project is where you get to put out the “stuff.” And rearrange it. And find new old-stuff!!

    As an aside, did you read Mary Karr’s last book? Lit. I didn’t like it as well as the first two, but the conclusion of her story went in a direction that surprised me.

    1. Stacey Post author

      It’s probably more like Stupid and Ridiculous! Or Ren and Stimpy… same thing! (ha ha!) You’re too funny!
      Weird that you mention the white walls because I’ve NEVER had white walls in all my years of owning a home. The last house was like a crayon box! Color everywhere. For some reason this house just became white. Maybe it was all the dark paneling that turned me to the “bright side”. I like it for now.
      You’re right.. a table without legs is kinda freaky! I did enjoy them when they hung on the wall because it was so easy to vacuum. :-) I love the little legs, though. It was an easy solution and actually a project that we did in a weekend and it didn’t take 6 months to complete. Now that’s the kind of project I need more of. :-)

      We both loved Liars Club… which got us hooked. She was born in Groves, TX.. which is only 15 minutes from us… so her life in a small Texas town was just too close to home (literally and figuratively)
      Richie read her last one and didn’t like it so much either. Love having my little “book hole” to tuck things away!

      Thanks for looking and I hope you’ve been enjoying your hot tub! ( or at least working on it ) HA HA.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks Christie! This is the fun part of renovating, for sure. Your blog is looking pretty fantastic too!!! Love the pretty confetti. It’s fun to get creative with it all, isn’t it.
      Thanks for stopping by…. I love when you do!

      1. Christie Jones

        Thanks Stacey! The photography looks really great too. Ah I’m so happy to follow your blog it always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for the kind words about mine – it is always a work in progress! :) How do you like the switch to self-hosted?

        1. Stacey Post author

          I know you’ve considered the self-hosted option as well. I have to say that it was a great decision. I have no regrets and the options to do whatever I want are wide open. Now if I could just find the time to actually post something. YIKES! I feel like I’m definitely neglecting this new place… but I’m so busy. HA HA! Thanks Christie.

  7. the home tome

    Hey Stacey! I didn’t get this post or the last one! I was a-wondering when a Goode house was going to come out with another post -I just re-subscribed, don’t know what happened.

    Okay: The bedroom is looking amazing: loving the plants and the green/black plan and the bedside tables. Your little wooden monkey theme is killing me.

    And the little pilot sitting ON TOP of his plane? HA! I really hope he knows what he’s doing – then again, he’s got a good harness with that wire.

    All of it: Beautiful!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks for subscribing Jocelyn! The WP reader is also back and working properly. It wasn’t accepting my blog address, as it kept searching for rss feeds on the server (which is no longer there). The support team helped me and it’s all fixed. It should now show up in your reader or just type in the reader again and it will do it’s thing. Thanks again for all the hassles.

      I’m excited about bringing the green color in. This will be my chance to use your pillow post inspiration. The pressure is on to come up with some that are as fabulous as yours!!! The little tables make me smile every time I walk in the room. I’m such a simple shit!

      Thanks for all the sweet compliments… you sure know how to make a girl feel good.

  8. Danielle

    You guys are genius! I love the legs, I love the letters… it’s all coming together so beautifully. And the photos are amazing. When are you submitting this for publication? Seriously… this would make a great book!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks Danielle! I love those silly letters and have been waiting to use them. But where? This seems as good a place as any. Finding brushed aluminum ones was a “squealing moment”!
      A book of creepy weird stuff…. okay… maybe you’re on to something. Ha Ha! You’re too sweet to me, girl! I’m glad you like them. It was fun putting it all together. Makes you appreciate everything you have in life. (people and weird stuff!) Thanks for visiting!!!! xo

  9. Jolene Fournier

    Hi Stacey!
    I’m glad I discovered your blog (thank you Alex @northstory!). I have to say, you and your husband are very talented. I love your inspiration board, and the final product looks awesome. I can picture those industrial table legs on all my future projects! hehe… coffee table, kitchen table, bed… oh my! hehe. Thanks for sharing, I love it!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Jolene! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by. I just adore Alex so I’m happy she sent you over. There’s something amazing about those simple little legs… they look great on everything! It was an easy fix to our problem and that’s always a good thing. EASY! I stopped by your blog but need to dig deeper and stay longer. It’s wonderful! I love what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and the amazing eye you have. So excited to find you too. -Stacey


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