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The master bedroom closet renovation has challenged me in many ways. That seems insane to write that… as life has some really big challenges… but a closet, that’s pretty silly. It’s true, but it’s mostly my fault. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that I’ve been a cry baby one day and totally driven and ready to get it done another day. I’m happy to say that it’s almost there and that I’m finally out of the boxes and officially “moved in”. If you don’t remember what it looked like before… CLICK HERE.

Master Bedroom Closet

Good grief it’s a load of work! I had to purge and will probably continue to purge in the coming weeks, but I still feel like I just have way too much crap. Going through it all after it’s been stored away makes me realize how fortune I (we) are. But it also makes me sad that I have so much and others don’t. So of course, I’ll donate the things I no longer use or need and it will no doubt make someone else happy.

Master Bedroom Closet

I do love having the shelves Richie built in the center for shoes, etc. I really hate having things on the floor so this was so nice. I appreciate all the hard work he put into it. I know it wasn’t easy. He kept teasing me; telling me that I was a Princess and had to have a “special” closet. I love it when he does that and makes me laugh but it also made me feel slightly guilty that he was making my closet dreams come true and struggling to do it. All I can say is “damn, you did good, baby! This princess appreciates you and now you are the KING!

Master Bedroom Closet Storage

It was probably good to go 5 months without a closet and things scattered all over the place.  It makes you appreciate the finished project 100 times more.  There is a place for everything now and I’ve got all my heavier winter clothes stored in nice garment boxes in another closet. I feel so organized it’s scary.

Master Bedroom Closet

Most of the pix I took with the doors off so the full view was available so here’s some with the doors on. I still have some more painting to do on the outside frame and threshold and some touch-ups. The doors will be painted black and new bright white screen paper installed. I’ll save that for another day because I’m afraid I might poke a hole in the new doors while I work on the rest of the room. For now… it just feels good to be back in. I’ve been squealing with delight each time I pass the room EEEEEEE!

Sliding Closet Doors

Now that I’m done whining about this closet (aren’t you glad!) I’ll move on with the room and hopefully keep the drama to a minimum. (yeah, right!)

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4 thoughts on “out of the boxes

  1. Meghan

    Bravo! It looks great! It’s so hard living amongst mid-project clutter and just wanting it done already! Now it’s done and it looks great! Good luck on your upcoming projects!!

    1. agoodehouse Post author

      YOU SAID IT! Glad to share with someone who knows how that feels. So many more messy, fun, exhausting projects to go. Thanks for looking. The encouragement means so much! – Stacey

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