Back Yard

After clearing overgrown vegetation, removal of a stagnant pond, 13 trees, 3 mounds of bamboo and thick jasmine ground cover, we finally made headway to start some landscaping. Keep in mind that the entire back of the house is glass so grass had to be kept to a minimum. It’s always changing and a new fence is on the way.

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4 thoughts on “Back Yard

  1. coulldog

    What a transformation! Again , I’d like to this garden as it matures ,the plants flower and spill over softening some of your lines. It is great to see a garden in another part of the world- so different to what is currently a rather damp Scotland!
    Thankyou for sharing you marvellous home and garden.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thank you for another lovely comment! Gardening is hard for me sometimes because I tend to love the look of an English garden and want to just have flowers overflowing and garden paths, etc., etc., but the modern architecture of this home calls for me to put the breaks on and find a happy medium. So I hope I achieved that in a small way… keeping things sized, tidy, spacious, but still colorful in places. I’m in no way good at it … but I think the fun of it is that you WANT to be and you TRY to be. It’s so rewarding, isn’t it!
      I’d love to see your garden. I imagine it’s beautiful!! There wasn’t a link to your blog… so please send one if you’re comfortable with that! THANKS AGAIN!

      1. coulldog

        Hi Stacey, I think you have done wonders with your garden. You’re right , gardening is all about the enjoyment,the creativity and the fantastic rewards we get.
        My garden is a cottage garden in the Scottish countryside,kind of wild,colourful with a sort of planned unkemptness- ( a cover for laziness on my part)- but it all comes together at the end of Summer.
        Unfortunately I am new to ‘blogging’ and hope to get started soon,at the moment in total awe of people like yourself who have such interesting and colourful blogs. But, if you’d really like to take a peek at my garden I have public photos on my Facebook page- just search for Bob Montgomery, Coull , Scotland.- you should find me. You’ll also see the sort of countryside I live in- I’d appreciate your advice as to whether you think I could base a photo blog on my ‘local’.
        Thanks , Bob.

        1. Stacey Post author

          Oh, it sounds WONDERFUL! I would LOVE to take a peek but I do not have a facebook account. I have resisted just because I don’t have the time. My house renovation and the blog keep me so busy … it’s all I can do. If there’s another way, please feel free to send me a link or email at
          Thank you again for taking so much time… meeting new and interesting people is the best part of blogging!

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