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Saving Daylight

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Does it really save light? Do I have more time? Not really… but who cares, my brain thinks there’s more, so my body keeps going, and I seem to accomplish more, therefore I’m happier and more productive.. and apparently more talkative and able to write more run-on sentences.

Yes, you guessed it, the time change is a game changer for me. It’s a mental thing and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Welcome daylight savings time….I’ve been waiting patiently for you!

And so has kittie. She’s tired of being inside.  That face says it all.  She looks so pissed.  

The flowers and ….

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Paint, Art, Rocks, and Websites

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What the hell am I talking about? Good grief, it’s been a crazy week around here. Paint, Art, Rocks, Websites… and one more thing… CABINETS!

I’m about as tired as this little girl….

Isn’t she sweet. I walked past the doorway and saw her in there so tired she almost looks dead. Couldn’t resist taking a picture, because Richie and I are exactly that tired.

It’s been a really crazy week and I haven’t posted anything for a while because there just hasn’t been time. So lets catch up. I spent the week having cabinet makers come to the house to give me ….

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Pets on Furniture

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Hope you’re lucky enough to be off on this Memorial Day. We’re enjoying the extra time and have accomplished so much this weekend. Lots of projects are done and there will be more on that later….
This post is about our sweet “kittie” that decided to stay with us after hurricane Rita. She was wondering the streets after the storm and I was the only one she’d come to. I just adore her and spoil her rotten.
There are several blogs that I enjoy and look at daily, but one in particular “Inspires” me every day. It’s a blog called “Desire to ….

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