Fresh Friday: Red Tulips

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This week I tip toed and bought some tulips! The market was filled with flowering bulbs, and while wondering through the displays I could have sworn it was spring.

Pinks, purples, yellows, and whites surrounded me, but eventually red was the mood I was in. A simple glass vase that originally held a gorgeous bouquet from my husband many anniversaries ago still looks pretty no matter what goes in it. I do have a thing for clear glass containers.



The weather this week has been crazy with sleet, snow, and freezing rain. Work was cancelled for 2 1/2 days and we’ve been hunkered down with hot chocolate and southern comfort food. These little beauties brought great color and joy into our week. A reminder to hang on just a little longer — warmth, color, and light will return soon.


Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend and tip-toe through the tulips if you can!

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5 thoughts on “Fresh Friday: Red Tulips

  1. sherree

    I love red tulips! Yours look wonderful in your home.
    The first spring here in our new (to us) mid century home I was happily surprised by the huge bed of white and coral tulips that sprang up along the front walk. The neighbors informed me that they had been there for years. I like to think that maybe they are original to when the house was built.
    Thanks for sharing a little glimpse of spring. Winter here in the Midwest has been long, snowy and cold.
    I am looking forward to poking around outside!

  2. ScrapAndSalvage

    tip-toe through the tulips! that reminds me of an “i love lucy” episode where dan jenkins (enghlish tutor) guest stars and sings “as i tippy tippy-toe through my garden, where all the pretty flowers dwell. there’s a rare perfume in my garden, and I just like to stand there and smellllll!” LOL. i probably lost you, but that made my day.
    plus, i love tulips! you’d never know it was sleeting cold where you are (like how i turned that into a curse adjective?!).
    happy friday, stacey!! so happy for the weekend. xo

  3. Dana@Mid2Mod

    I would never mistake you and Richie for Miss Vicki and Tiny Tim, but I did get a good laugh picturing you tiptoeing through the tulips. Those are beautiful. I almost bought a bunch of some really vibrant orange ones the other day. I should go back and see if they got more in that color.

  4. the home tome

    These look succulent! And not that they look like “succulents” or that they look juicy or fun to eat, I guess I just mean they look…goode.

    Yes, red is in the air right now… As I hinted to my hubs, a little “red” would look nice on our table…I am not a huge fan of roses, but if some happened to come my way, I would certainly enjoy putting them in them in a clear glass vase (CGV)…heart heart heart.


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