Fresh Flowers, Christmas Spirit… and a Birthday!

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Whewww, it’s been a busy week for me, as I’ve been working my tail off at the station to cross off my VERY long list of things to do before my holiday vacation.  It’s a mad dash to finish because I’m off for THREE WEEKS!  Yes, three glorious, fun-filled weeks.  Okay, fun-filled for weirdos like me means lots of work around this house… and I CAN’T WAIT!

I realize Christmas madness excitement has kicked in for most people and I’ve really enjoyed all the holiday sparkle around the blogosphere.  It seems to have done the impossible and put me in the Christmas spirit.  No, I never did put up my tree but I realized that I actually like decorating for Christmas… just NOT a tree.  It’s just the two of us and we don’t buy gifts for each other, so it’s really unnecessary.   A few shiny Christmas balls, some greenery, fresh flowers, and some candles and it’s amazing how your house can transform.  And that’s just what I did this week.

My fresh friday didn’t happen yesterday.  Not because there wasn’t anything to report but because I just couldn’t get it together and do a post.  So lets catch up and maybe rethink this whole “FRIDAY” issue.

It started with a weird metal “hoop” or ring that Richie found a few years ago and it’s been sitting in the shed along with all the other weird and rusty metal things he finds.  I have NO IDEA what it is… but if anyone does… do tell!  I did know, however, exactly what it was in my head.  A WREATH!  It would be my base for this years centerpiece.


The market was filled with fresh greenery this week so I was tickled to bring home a big bundle along with some red carnations, white spider mums, and some precious baby’s breath.  I started by making small bundles and attaching them with wire all the way around the hoop.

hoopfoliage hoopassembly

The middle of this weird metal contraption didn’t have a hole big enough for a candle so I decided to soak an oasis foam ball, insert a stick into it and then insert the stick into the small hole in the middle portion.  This way I could pull the ball out to soak it with water and keep the flowers fresh.  It worked like a dream.


I wanted to do all red carnations but they only had two bundles left so I had to mix it with the white.  I’m still happy with the way it turned out.  From the junk pile to the dining table…..

christmascenterpiece1 christmascenterpiece2 christmascenterpiece3

This project sent me over the edge.  I even put on CHRISTMAS MUSIC for crying out loud!
What’s happening to me!!?  I guess even the grinch ended up this way.  “Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!”


I also cut out little paper lantern houses, along with trees and snow.  I love paper crafts and I find the cutting and folding very therapeutic.  They don’t have to be perfect to be so cute!  All leftover paper from projects past.  No money spent here.

paperhouses3 paperhouses1

The flameless LED candles are awesome!  If you’ve never tried them… you should!



I found myself wondering around the house trying to add small holiday touches to everything.
Even a shelf in my kitchen.  I’m sure Richie is wondering who the hell I am and what have I done with his wife.


I love these cute little wooden trees.


Eventually I did break down and put up a tree.  Well… two actually!   I cut a small branch from my Yew tree in the front yard.


And I made a tinsel tree for the very cool and totally awesome glass dome (cloche) Richie found at an estate sale for $5.00.  This thing is awesome and it’s been sitting in the attic space since we moved in. I guess we’ve had it for about 6 years or so and I’m determined to use it.   I’m definitely going to keep it out and decorate with something different after the holidays. I just wrapped some tinsel around a foam cone and added some LED lights.  ooooo, sparkly!

christmasclocheglass2 christmasclocheglass

He only found the glass dome so it didn’t have a base.  I ended up just digging around and going back to Richie’s stash of rusty metal and found an old turntable base.  It fit perfectly. Thank goodness for all that crap he drags home.


One last thing I whipped up in about 5 seconds was a tree “lantern” with some card stock and some wax paper.  Add a votive in glass and it puts out a pretty glow.


I’ve had such fun doing really simple and inexpensive things to decorate the house for Christmas.  I don’t think I’ve been this full of spirit in several years.  I’m going to enjoy being home and spending time in this house that we’ve worked so hard on.  So much to be thankful for!

Speaking of thankful…. I’m thankful for my guy.
Today Richie celebrates his 50th birthday! WOO HOOO.  Old man!
I found these old black and whites his mom gave me years ago and thought I’d share them today.  The man does love a hat!  And he wears it well.  What a cutie!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend and sweet husband.  He threatened me with my life if I threw a party or made a fuss but hopefully he won’t mind that I do a little fussing here on the blog.  He makes my life so fun!


So to wrap this VERY long post up.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the oranges we got off Richie’s parents tree this week.  MAN THEY ARE GOOD!  We can’t eat them fast enough.  There’s nothing like home grown.  (and they’re pretty)


As for the Fresh Friday dilemma…. It just doesn’t seem practical.  Although I almost always have something “fresh” in the house by Friday it doesn’t always happen that way nor is it always possible to post about it.  So being a Libra who has to have everything in balance I simply must straighten this out.  How about “pretty petals”.  That way I can do it whatever day I want and if I don’t have an arrangement I can share someone else’s beautiful petals.  YAY! You gotta be flexible in life (and blogging), right?  (ha ha!)

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.  I do appreciate every visitor who stops by to see what we’ve been up to and I do believe each of you has made the task of renovating our home over the last 4 years a wonderful experience.  You’ve kept us motivated, excited, and full of laughs.  Your comments are the best and I love every one of them!  I’ll be back after Christmas with some house updates.  With three weeks off… there’s going to be some progress made.  And that’s like a great gift from Santa!


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8 thoughts on “Fresh Flowers, Christmas Spirit… and a Birthday!

  1. ScrapAndSalvage

    sister girl! look at you being all arts and crafts!! i love your little projects. so clever and creative!! i love the little paper houses and snow. adorable. your place looks very festive. and both jordan and i are eager to hear what that great model is in the background of your wreath photos. it looks like an amazing piece!
    i asked j if he knew what the metal hoop was. his best guess is a mirror frame?????
    HAPPY 5OTH BIRTHDAY, RICHIE!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you celebrate in style! and may you both enjoy these next glorious 3 weeks off!!

  2. Natalie

    Stacey! This is take 2 at leaving my message… I was just about done my fist version, and was checking it for typos when my iPad died on me! (well, it’s battery died…) So am now recreating my previous message on the home computer instead. I’m sure the first version was MUCH funnier than this one, sigh…

    Love the decorations that you put together. You definitely put me to shame there… I have a tree and stockings. That’s it. Oh, and some pathetic attempt at outdoor lights (looks like we were a bit drunk putting them up but it’s so cold outside that there’s NO WAY I am starting over!!). And we have the Elf on the Shelf gizmo but that is less about decorating the house, and more about controlling our 3 year old daughter, ha! (It actually works!)

    Happy birthday to the amazing Richie! Now you can call him nifty all the time, haha!

    Enjoy the next three weeks Stacey… I can’t wait to see what you amazing things you’ll be doing!


  3. D'Arcy H

    Stacey, you did it! And you did it with style! The paper houses, wood trees, and pine cones are just beautiful, and perfect in your house. The man in the painting looks like he longs to sit at your table. What is that painting on the red wall? MERRY CHRISTMAS, and enjoy your nice long break! And happy birthday to Richie!!

  4. Dana@Mid2Mod

    Your decorations are beautiful…so simple and so perfect for your gorgeous modern home. I hope Richie had a great birthday, and I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Michelle

    I hate to tell you this, but you got yourself some Christmas Spirit, girl! Beautiful decorations and such creativity! Have a great vacation – and happy birthday to your hubby!


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