Christmas Chalkboard Art: A New Tradition

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Last Christmas I had a great time doodling on the chalkboard pantry doors in my kitchen. Not only was it fun and somewhat therapeutic, but it got me in the Christmas spirit… which is not always so easy.  Turns out it got lots of people in the Christmas spirit, thanks to all the fabulous internet junkies who love Pinterest.  My silly Christmas drawing was pinned and repinned over and over again. WOW!   Thanks for the love!  People are so incredibly kind.

The doors have been blank for a few weeks now.  BORING!  They definitely need some holiday love.

It seems this may now be a new Christmas tradition for me.  So I sent Richie to the store to buy lots of chalk, and I got started.   I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it every year… I’m NO artist and my drawing skills could easily be at a third grade level.  I never got that gene but it doesn’t stop me from trying!  I really envy people who can sit down and draw anything.  (sigh!)

The secret I’ve learned over the last few years is you have to wet the tip of your chalk.  It goes on really faint but when it dries it’s a SUPER BRIGHT white that just jumps off the board.  Of course it makes a huge mess and I had chalk all over my clothes, in my hair, and on the floor.  It’s all part of the fun.


I knew I wanted to do a tree (of course) and this year add a snowman.  Snow is something we DO NOT experience much here in Texas so I think most Texans dream of a white Christmas.  When it does snow it’s a reason to shut down the whole city.  Seriously… an inch of snow means schools close and everyone stays home.  Not necessarily because you can’t get where you need to be… but because it rarely happens and everyone wants to enjoy it.  It snowed the first year we moved in to this house and that was 4 years ago.  It would be fun to see the white stuff again.  I guess white chalk will have to do for now.


I got a little carried away. The thing just kept growing and growing. It’s like I couldn’t stop!


I do it all free hand, so yes, it’s kinda wonky.


There’s a really cool modern home down the street from us that has a lovely row of crepe myrtle trees on the side of their property.  They always hang these big colorful Christmas balls from the branches and it makes me happy every time I drive by.  Simple and beautiful!  So I drew my own.



Richie has been whining about putting up a tree so I’m thinking I may break down and put the damn thing up. I’ll keep you posted!

How about you? Are you in a decorating frenzy or do you keep it simple?

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23 thoughts on “Christmas Chalkboard Art: A New Tradition

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks, Jessica. Loved your paper decorations. And if you don’t mind.. and it’s not too much trouble.. do send some snow. I would love to play in it this year.
      Now watch it snow. HOW FUNNY! I’ll have to start calling you mother nature!

  1. D'Arcy H

    That’s the spirit! “Break down and put the damn thing up!” :)
    We have been so distracted by the kitchen that we never got around to carving pumpkins. They are still on the porch (not rotten YET). The tree is up but still au naturel. Tomorrow night I’ll wrestle the lights on it. C’mon, Stacey, we can do this!!!

    1. Stacey Post author

      Oh D’Arcy you crack me up! Love this comment. And yet… I still haven’t put up the tree. What’s wrong with me!?!???? We CAN do this but I have a feeling you’ll be doing it before me and probably much better.
      That damn tree is haunting me. :-)

      1. D'Arcy H

        You know what? If you’re not feelin’ it, you don’t hafta do it! I used to have a beach cottage with my ex. I once bought a WHITE Christmas tree for it … and it stood in the corner like an alien being. I HATED it and took it down the next day. And Christmas came and went like normal anyway.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks, Dana! I’m having fun with my chalkboard, too. My only problem is once I take the time to draw something on it I never want to erase it. Do you think it would be weird to have Christmas at Easter? (laughing)
      Thanks for the sweet words. You make it more fun.. as always.

  2. Melanie

    I love it!
    I’m gearing up to draw on our larder door too…found a few of these pics for inspiration but neither are as good as yours!
    I’m going to definitely use your tip about wetting the chalk though. I’ve been using pens (we use the board as a weekly calendar mostly) to varying success. One went on well, came off badly and leaked everywhere. Another was barely legible. I’ll try good old fashioned chalk then….with a wet tip. Here we go….

    1. Stacey Post author

      OH GREAT! That little dip in the water makes all the difference in my opinion. The white lines are much brighter and dense. Glad it worked well for you! Hope you post some pictures. :-)

  3. John

    How about making Christmas cards with the picture on it. I remember having to take the chalk erasers outside and banging them against the ground in elementary school.

    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks, John! I was thinking the same thing… (seriously). When I put that red Happy Holidays under that pictures I thought it looked like a Christmas card. Great minds….
      So happy to hear from you!

  4. ScrapAndSalvage

    i totally forgot about this and how much i loved it and how much i want me one of these! of course, i for reals can’t draw, so it would NOT turn out like this little winter wonder, but i think it would be fun, fun, fun (and festive!). i love it!!!
    now.get.your.tree. :D

    1. Stacey Post author

      You need one, Tamara! Jordan can paint you a chalkboard wall in NO TIME! I’m afraid it might be my limit on holiday decor this year. No tree. No intentions. No presents for me I guess. Where will Santa put them?
      I do accept checks and cold hard cash, though. (note to Santa) and send Tamara a chalkboard. (giggle)
      LOVE YA!

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  6. Natalie

    Yeah right you can’t draw! Your little scene is soooo cool!!! And I have to laugh at your desire for snow… We hit -26 (Celsius) with the windchill here today and frostbite warning. It sucks!!!! And the kicker is that is not even winter yet!!!!

    Lots of love,

  7. the home tome

    Wonderful! I dig this tradition. I must confess I’ve always had a thing for snowmen playing air guitar….

    It’s snowing here in NY – we are hunkered down and reading blogs whilst baby reindeer sleeps…

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