“They say it’s your birthday…..

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…it’s my birthday too”.
It’s “stamped” and official – I’m 44 today.
Unfortunately I have to work on my birthday. We’re fundraising at the station and I’m “on the air”. My birthday almost always falls during fundraisers so I get lots of calls from listeners and that makes it fun!

Since I’m a music fanatic and I’m constantly listening to music every waking hour of the day… I thought I’d do a birthday music playlist. Just a few artists I like… Enjoy!

The Sugarcubes – Birthday

Kings of Leon – Birthday

The Beatles – Birthday

The Smiths – Unhappy Birthday
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9 thoughts on ““They say it’s your birthday…..

  1. the home tome

    Woooo Hooooo – Have a great one Stacey! – That Sugarcubes song and The Smiths brought me back a few years!

    44 – good symmetry – and how lucky you are that USPS made a stamp for you! (a few years ago)

    May your day be filled with laughter and levity and CAKE, lots o cake.

  2. Alex @ northstory

    Happy Birthday!!!! Here’s to good friends, good food, good wine, good music and well you already have a “goode” house. Ok that was just so cheesy but I had to try.

    All the best! Hope you have an amazing day/year!!

  3. Dana@Mid2Mod

    I hope you have something really great planned for tonight! Thanks for the playlist. Even though I was more of a Doors and Zeppelin girl back in the day, the Beatles birthday song has always made me smile.

  4. ScrapAndSalvage

    happy birthday, stacey!!!! and thanks for giving us a music gift. all great choices. and even though you have to work, it is kinda fun that you get callers wishing you a happy day. hope you have the best birthday yet and find special ways to celebrate a special life this weekend! big love.

  5. Sandy Cash

    So sorry I missed your birthday Stacey. I don’t seem to be getting your feeds any more, though I am sure I have subscribed at least twice. Hmm. LOVE love that you have music on your site. That is so cool. And love all your choices. Hope it was awesome! Clink [me having a toast for you. What happens if one glass toasts and no one is around to hear it? Hmm too many toasts already, clearly…[it be Friday pm] Cheers

    1. Stacey Post author

      Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for the visit. It was a good birthday … but I’m so old I can’t remember what happened. :-)
      Sorry about the subscription issues. Are you not receiving emails or were you talking about the WP reader? I do show up in the WP reader but you have to completely delete me and then add me in again http://www.agoodehouse.com.
      It may take a few hours to resolve but it does show up. What a pain, right?
      P.S. I love toast… so thanks for this one. (wink!)


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